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24-11-22 (15:27)   Full Scripted Broadcast TV Ratings Tables for the 2022/23 Season *Updated 24th November 2022* (Spoiler TV)
24-11-22 (15:25)   Will Godspeed & Zoom's Team-Up Finally Happen In The Flash Season 9? (Screen Rant)
23-11-22 (22:44)   SpoilerTV Broadcast Cancellation Predictor Table 2022/23 *Updated with 22nd November 2022 Finals* (Spoiler TV)
23-11-22 (21:56)   The Flash's Rogues Are DC's Greatest Villain, But Not How You Think (Screen Rant)
23-11-22 (15:25)   The DCU Can Still Fix One Awkward Ben Affleck Batman Record (Screen Rant)
22-11-22 (23:25)   Flash Writer Challenges Fans To Guess The Name of Wally West's New Baby (Screen Rant)
22-11-22 (15:25)   Flash Movie Release Delay Partially Due To Its Groundbreaking Technology (Screen Rant)
21-11-22 (17:42)   James Gunn's DCEU Role Will Be Great For Henry Cavill's Superman (Screen Rant)
20-11-22 (02:42)   CW's The Flash: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Barry And Iris's Relationship (Screen Rant)
19-11-22 (22:11)   The Flash's Zoom Actor Wants To Return In Season 9 (Screen Rant)
15-11-22 (15:25)   The Flash Has To Change Cobalt Blue's Story (Because Of Savitar) (Screen Rant)
11-11-22 (03:42)   The Flash Season 9 Set Photos Reveal Batwoman Vs Red Death (Screen Rant)
11-11-22 (00:51)   Here's How The Flash Could Make It Possible For Jason Momoa To Play Both Lobo & Aquaman (Looper)
10-11-22 (17:42)   The Flash May Have Already Told You Who The Final Villain Is (Screen Rant)
09-11-22 (16:24)   Shiba Inu and Dogecoin Price Prediction: Why the Flash Crash Isn't a Catastrophe (BeInCrypto)
09-11-22 (07:42)   Arrowverse's Batwoman Confirmed To Return In The Flash Season 9 (Screen Rant)
08-11-22 (20:42)   The Flash Movie Trailer Reportedly Won't Release Until 2023 (Screen Rant)
06-11-22 (17:11)   The Flash's Batcave Could Be A DCEU Multiverse Hint (Screen Rant)
03-11-22 (14:56)   The Flash Teased Its Evil Batwoman Twist In Season 8 (Screen Rant)
30-10-22 (18:36)   Law & Order's Jesse L. Martin Struggled With The Transition From Broadway To Network TV (Looper)
29-10-22 (19:56)   Henry Cavill's Superman Return Can Save Supergirl From The Flash Disaster (Screen Rant)
27-10-22 (21:03)   NBC Pilot 'The Irrational' Extends Options On Cast Led By Jesse L. Martin (Deadline.com)
25-10-22 (22:11)   Red Death: The Flash Season 9's Evil Batwoman Explained (Screen Rant)
25-10-22 (21:49)   TVLine Items: Supernatural Fave Visits Winchesters, Flash Promotion and More (TVLine)
25-10-22 (20:11)   The Flash's Interdimensional Cable is the Opposite of Rick and Morty's (Screen Rant)
25-10-22 (20:11)   The Flash Season 9 Casts Batwoman Actor Javicia Leslie In Mystery Role (Screen Rant)
25-10-22 (15:12)   The Flash: Batwoman's Javicia Leslie Joins Season 9 (TV Fanatic)
25-10-22 (04:49)   Flash Adds Batwoman's Javicia Leslie to Final Season Cast — But as Who? (TVLine)
25-10-22 (03:44)   The Flash - Season 9 - Jon Cor Upped to Series Regular (Spoiler TV)
25-10-22 (03:42)   The Flash Season 9 Promotes Chillblaine Actor To Series Regular (Screen Rant)
25-10-22 (00:17)   'The Flash': Jon Cor Upped To Series Regular For Season 9 Of CW Series (Deadline.com)
24-10-22 (21:25)   Everything The Flash Teased About The Future That Hasn't Happened Yet (Screen Rant)
24-10-22 (16:25)   The Flash Proves Why Lex Luthor Is Impossible To Beat As A Villain (Screen Rant)
23-10-22 (00:56)   The Flash's DCEU Reboot Theory Is Less Likely Now (Screen Rant)
21-10-22 (16:25)   Doom Patrol Season 4 Taps The Flash & Heroes Alum As New DC Villain (Screen Rant)
20-10-22 (15:56)   Is Henry Cavill Returning As Superman In The Flash Movie? (Screen Rant)
19-10-22 (23:25)   The Flash's Secret Power Basically Makes Him A Green Lantern (Screen Rant)
19-10-22 (21:29)   'The Flash' sequel already written despite Ezra Miller drama: report (New York Post)
18-10-22 (23:33)   Superhero Bits: The Flash 2 Already Has A Script, Marvel Zombies Will Be Short & More (SlashFilm)
18-10-22 (19:25)   The Flash Season 9 Is Finally Fixing An Arrowverse Villain Mistake (Screen Rant)
18-10-22 (07:05)   There's Already A Script For The Flash 2 (Looper)
18-10-22 (04:14)   The Flash 2 Already Has A Script (IGN.com)
18-10-22 (01:23)   The Flash 2 Already Written, Despite Ezra Miller Legal Trouble (Den of Geek)
18-10-22 (00:59)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller, Facing Up to 26 Years in Prison, Pleads Not Guilty to Burglary Counts (Breitbart.com)
17-10-22 (20:45)   The Flash's Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Charges in Burglary Case (E! Online)
17-10-22 (19:42)   The Flash's Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Burglary Charges (Screen Rant)
17-10-22 (17:25)   The Flash Season 8 Deleted Scene Sees Barry Looking For Iris [EXCLUSIVE] (Screen Rant)
17-10-22 (16:10)   Ezra Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Burglary Charges in Vermont, Faces Up to 26 Years in Prison (Variety)
15-10-22 (18:11)   The Flash Knows ONE Rogue Actually Belongs on The Justice League (Screen Rant)
15-10-22 (16:25)   The Flash vs Superman's Darkest Ally Is DC's Best Unwritten Fight (Screen Rant)
14-10-22 (15:03)   Deleted The Flash Season 8 Finale Scene Reveals Why 2049's Barry Wasn't Around to Help Save Iris (TVLine)
14-10-22 (02:29)   Issa Rae calls out Hollywood for protecting Ezra Miller, 'The Flash' (New York Post)
14-10-22 (00:43)   Issa Rae Condemns Hollywood's Efforts to Save 'The Flash' and Ezra Miller to 'Save Itself and to Protect Offenders' (TheWrap.com)
13-10-22 (23:12)   Fanatic Feed: Percy Jackson Casts The Flash's Jessica Parker Kennedy, Game of Thrones Vet Joins Dune Series, & More! (TV Fanatic)
13-10-22 (22:24)   Issa Rae Calls Out Hollywood for Protecting Ezra Miller: They're a 'Repeat Offender,' Yet There's Still an Effort to Save 'The Flash' (Variety)
13-10-22 (21:49)   Percy Jackson Disney+ Series Adds WWE's Adam Copeland and The Flash's Jessica Parker Kennedy (TVLine)
12-10-22 (14:42)   The Flash: Wally West Was Barry Allen's Sidekick (Before He Got Powers) (Screen Rant)
10-10-22 (16:25)   The Flash Is Already Hinting At A Massive Change To Cobalt Blue (Screen Rant)
10-10-22 (13:11)   Marvel Can't Compete With The Flash's Upgraded Family (Screen Rant)
08-10-22 (15:11)   The Flash's Complete Costume History - His Best Costumes Ever (Screen Rant)
07-10-22 (19:25)   The Flash Is Bringing Back A Dead Arrow Villain (Is It The Same Version?) (Screen Rant)
07-10-22 (16:11)   The Flash Movie Star Teases Her Mystery Character (Screen Rant)
07-10-22 (02:14)   Ezra Miller Returns for 'The Flash' Reshoots in Another Sign WB Is Sticking With the Actor (IGN.com)
07-10-22 (00:04)   Superhero Bits: The Black Adam Runtime, Ezra Miller Did Reshoots On The Flash & More (SlashFilm)
06-10-22 (20:56)   Ezra Miller Reportedly Filmed New The Flash Scenes Last Week (Screen Rant)
06-10-22 (19:43)   Ezra Miller Returns to 'The Flash' Set for a Day of Pickup Shots (Exclusive) (TheWrap.com)
06-10-22 (16:13)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 6th October 2022 (Spoiler TV)
06-10-22 (13:13)   USD POLL : What Arrowverse TV show cliffhanger would you like to see resolved in The Flash final season? (Spoiler TV)
04-10-22 (20:25)   The Flash Season 9 May Feature Familiar Faces, Says Joe West Actor (Screen Rant)
04-10-22 (20:25)   Why The Flash Focused On A Hidden DC Speedster Weakness (Screen Rant)
04-10-22 (14:25)   How The Flash Season 9 Will Honor Show's Legacy (Screen Rant)
04-10-22 (05:51)   Breathtaking Fan Art Of Dylan O'Brien As The Flash Has Our Eyes Peeled (Looper)
04-10-22 (05:49)   The Flash's Candice Patton Teases #WestAllen as 'Strong Team' in Final Season: 'They Have a Legacy to Fulfill' (TVLine)
01-10-22 (18:11)   The Flash Movie Set Photo Teases DC Hero's Upgraded Suit (Screen Rant)
30-09-22 (22:25)   Why Cyborg's Best DCEU Future Is In Wonder Woman 3 (Not The Flash) (Screen Rant)
29-09-22 (13:13)   USD POLL : What is your favorite Season 8 episode of The Flash? (Spoiler TV)
27-09-22 (19:56)   The Flash Movie Has A Big Batman V Superman Mystery To Solve (Screen Rant)
26-09-22 (19:42)   The Flash's Ultimate Form Has Changed The Hero Forever (Screen Rant)
25-09-22 (18:42)   The Flash's Daughter is Exactly What Batman's Son Needs (Screen Rant)
23-09-22 (15:11)   Oliver Queen Is The Flash S9's Villain: Bizarre Arrowverse Theory Explained (Screen Rant)
22-09-22 (23:42)   CW's The Flash: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Barry Allen As A Character (Screen Rant)
22-09-22 (23:02)   Meet The 100 Alum Joining The Flash's Final Season (E! Online)
22-09-22 (04:25)   The Flash Season 9 Casts New Captain Boomerang Actor (Screen Rant)
22-09-22 (03:13)   The Flash - Season 9 - Richard Harmon Joins Cast as Captain Boomerang (Spoiler TV)
22-09-22 (02:51)   CW's The Flash Is Introducing A New Version Of A Fan-Favorite DC Villain (Looper)
22-09-22 (01:49)   Flash Adds The 100's Richard Harmon as Captain Boomerang in Final Season (TVLine)
22-09-22 (01:17)   'The Flash': Richard Harmon Joins CW Series As A New Captain Boomerang (Deadline.com)
21-09-22 (17:11)   The Flash Season 9 New Costumes & Guest Stars Teased By Star (Screen Rant)
21-09-22 (16:23)   The Flash's Final Season Will Bring Back Another Member of the Rogues (Gizmodo)
21-09-22 (15:42)   The Flash Season 9 Set Photo Teases Captain Boomerang's Return (Screen Rant)
20-09-22 (20:11)   The Flash: Every Theory On How Cobalt Blue Joins In Season 9 (Screen Rant)
19-09-22 (03:56)   The Flash's Ezra Miller Claims They Were Choking Incident Victim (Screen Rant)
18-09-22 (23:11)   Ezra Miller Believed They Were the Messiah, the Flash Was Jesus of the Multiverse: Report (RollingStone.com)
14-09-22 (19:36)   Grant Gustin Gives The Flash Fans An Emotional Gut-Punch With Bittersweet Post (Looper)
14-09-22 (16:11)   The Flash's Grant Gustin Shares Emotional Message Before Final Season (Screen Rant)
14-09-22 (16:00)   Grant Gustin Looks Back as 'The Flash' Begins Filming Final Season: 'Grateful for This Journey' (TheWrap.com)
13-09-22 (15:25)   The Flash's DCEU Comic Almost Spoils The Film A Year In Advance (Screen Rant)
10-09-22 (19:42)   The Flash's Newest Villain is A Role Made for Brad Pitt (Screen Rant)
09-09-22 (22:25)   The Flash Movie Is Already Making Tim Burton's Batman Universe Better (Screen Rant)
09-09-22 (05:42)   The Flash Iris West-Allen Actress Breaks Silence On The Show Ending (Screen Rant)
08-09-22 (16:11)   The Flash Will End DCEU's Snyder Canon Debate, But You May Not Like It (Screen Rant)
06-09-22 (17:11)   Supergirl Is The Biggest Casualty From The Flash Mess (Screen Rant)
06-09-22 (15:09)   The Flash Season 9 Predictions: Cisco Returns, WestAllen Family, New Speedsters (Den of Geek)
06-09-22 (02:11)   Grant Gustin Trains For The Flash Season 9 In New Video (Screen Rant)
05-09-22 (15:25)   DC Confirms The Flash Is As Dangerous as Doctor Manhattan (Screen Rant)
02-09-22 (20:46)   'Umma's Fivel Stewart To Exec Produce & Star In Horror-Thriller 'Wake'; 'The Flash' Star Danielle Nicolet Set For Indie 'The Life Of Me' (Deadline.com)
31-08-22 (19:55)   Ezra Miller Won't Be Cut From TIFF Movie, Director Says 'Nothing Bad Happened' on Set but Actor Needs 'Serious Intervention' (Variety)
31-08-22 (18:42)   The Flash's Version of Loki is Secretly a Hero (Screen Rant)
30-08-22 (15:25)   The Flash movie Is Very Different From The CW's Flash (& That's Great) (Screen Rant)
30-08-22 (01:11)   The Flash Movie's DCEU Reset Plans Now In Question (Screen Rant)
30-08-22 (00:11)   The Flash Star Grant Gustin Teases Mystery Project (Screen Rant)
27-08-22 (18:25)   Ezra Miller's Reaction To WB Considering Cancelling The Flash Revealed (Screen Rant)
27-08-22 (06:20)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Apologizes to Warners' Execs During Damage Control Meeting (AceShowbiz.com)
27-08-22 (03:25)   The Flash Had Highest Test Screening Scores Since Nolan's Batman Movies (Screen Rant)
27-08-22 (01:18)   Doctor Strange, The Flash, And Everything: Why Now Is The Moment For Multiverse Films (SlashFilm)
27-08-22 (00:29)   Ezra Miller Reportedly Meets With WB Discovery Execs to Save The Flash (IGN.com)
27-08-22 (00:11)   Ezra Miller Apologizes in Person to Warner Bros. Bosses After Fearing 'The Flash' Could Get Scrapped (RollingStone.com)
27-08-22 (00:05)   Ezra Miller Reportedly Played Damage Control During Pivotal Warner Bros. Meeting About The Flash (Looper)
26-08-22 (23:29)   Ezra Miller Meets With Warner Bros. Execs About the Future of 'The Flash' (TheWrap.com)
26-08-22 (23:11)   Ezra Miller Meets With WB To Help Save The Flash Movie (Screen Rant)
24-08-22 (23:05)   Warner Bros. Execs Have An Obvious Solution To The Flash Problem Staring Them All In The Face (Looper)
24-08-22 (18:51)   Fans Have Some Brutal Advice For Warner Bros. On How To Handle The Flash Controversy (Looper)
24-08-22 (18:25)   Justice League: The Flash Ending Captures The Differences In The 2 Versions (Screen Rant)
23-08-22 (18:11)   The Flash Already Used Deathstorm In Season 2 (Screen Rant)
19-08-22 (20:56)   The Flash S9 Can Revive An Old Story Trick (Because of Superman & Lois) (Screen Rant)
17-08-22 (19:40)   HLN's Original Series "How It Really Happened with Jesse L. Martin" Relaunches Sunday, August 28 (The Futon Critic)
17-08-22 (03:11)   Is Ezra Miller's Apology Enough to Save The Flash? (Screen Rant)
16-08-22 (20:18)   Every Single Thing That Has Gone Wrong With The Flash Movie (2004 - 2022) (SlashFilm)
16-08-22 (19:55)   The Flash: Ezra Miller Has "Begun Ongoing Treatment" For "Complex Mental Health Issues" (GameSpot)
16-08-22 (16:26)   Ezra Miller, The Flash Star, Seeking Treatment for 'Complex Mental Health Issues' (TV Fanatic)
16-08-22 (16:14)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Vows to Seek Treatment for 'Complex Mental Health Issues' After Multiple Arrests (Breitbart.com)
16-08-22 (15:04)   The Flash Star Ezra Miller Enters Treatment And Issues Apology Following Recent Events (SlashFilm)
16-08-22 (04:55)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Seeking Treatment for 'Complex Mental Health Issues' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
15-08-22 (18:25)   Smallville's Bart Allen Actor Addresses Possible The Flash Season 9 Role (Screen Rant)
12-08-22 (22:22)   Warner Bros.' Eyebrow-Raising Timeline For Ezra Miller Reshoots On The Flash (Looper)
12-08-22 (18:25)   Why Is DC Still Willing To Release The Flash Movie? (Screen Rant)
12-08-22 (18:25)   How The Flash Can Pay Off Its Original Ending Tease (& Retcon Crisis) (Screen Rant)
12-08-22 (08:20)   Warner Bros. Hopes 'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Seeks Professional Help Amid Growing Problems (AceShowbiz.com)
12-08-22 (01:18)   Superhero Bits: The Flash Movie Might Get Canceled, Blade Adds An Oscar Winner & More (SlashFilm)
11-08-22 (23:24)   The Flash May Be In Jeopardy As Warner Bros. Debates Release Due Ezra Miller's Troubles - Report (GameSpot)
11-08-22 (22:11)   Could Grant Gustin Be The DCEU's Flash Replacement? (Screen Rant)
11-08-22 (19:43)   Warner Bros. may pull 'The Flash' amid Ezra Miller legal woes: report (New York Post)
11-08-22 (19:29)   The Flash: Warner Bros. Reportedly Preparing for Multiple Scenarios Following Ezra Miller Legal Troubles (IGN.com)
11-08-22 (18:05)   Warner Bros. Has Prepared Three Contingencies For Handling The Flash (Looper)
11-08-22 (17:25)   The Flash's Secret Marvel Crossover Almost Became DC Canon (Screen Rant)
11-08-22 (17:25)   The Flash Movie Could Be Cancelled After Latest Ezra Miller Controversy (Screen Rant)
11-08-22 (17:09)   Ezra Miller's Actions Might Finally See Some Consequences For The Flash (Gizmodo)
10-08-22 (11:20)   Ezra Miller Back on 'The Flash' Set to Film Additional Scenes Amid Piled-Up Controversies (AceShowbiz.com)
10-08-22 (00:25)   The Flash & Superman's Speed Has The Same Dark Secret in Common (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (18:11)   The Flash Movie's Ending Can't Reboot The DCEU Now (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (13:57)   Ezra Miller, The Flash and Fantastic Beasts Star, Charged With Felony Burglary (TV Fanatic)
09-08-22 (04:20)   Ezra Miller Hit With Felony Burglary Charges Days After Warner Bros. CEO Praises 'The Flash' (AceShowbiz.com)
09-08-22 (03:14)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Charged with Felony Burglary in Vermont (Breitbart.com)
09-08-22 (03:05)   Ezra Miller May Have Offered Up Another Nail In The Flash Film's Coffin (Looper)
09-08-22 (01:25)   The Flash Star Ezra Miller Charged With Felony Burglary (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (01:25)   The Flash Has God-Level Power (With One Condition) | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (00:59)   'The Flash' actor Ezra Miller charged with felony burglary in Vermont (Washington Times)
08-08-22 (23:43)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Charged With Felony Burglary in Vermont (TheWrap.com)
08-08-22 (23:24)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Charged With Felony Burglary in Vermont (Variety)
08-08-22 (19:27)   'The Flash' still moving ahead despite Ezra Miller controversies (NME.COM)
08-08-22 (17:56)   Kevin Smith Can't Believe Warner Bros. Canceled 'Batgirl' and Not Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' (RollingStone.com)
08-08-22 (15:57)   The Flash's Grant Gustin Responds to Final Season News (TV Fanatic)
08-08-22 (15:55)   Kevin Smith Slams Warner Bros. for Axing 'Batgirl' but Still Releasing 'The Flash': 'That Is Baffling' (Variety)
07-08-22 (21:14)   Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' Still Moving Forward Despite Star's Mounting Scandals, Fan Backlash (Breitbart.com)
07-08-22 (19:11)   The Flash Proves He's A One-Man Superhero Team | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
07-08-22 (06:11)   Kevin Smith Thinks Batgirl Could Lead to The Flash Also Being Scrapped (Screen Rant)
06-08-22 (18:11)   Stephen Amell & Arrowverse Stars Celebrate The Flash's 9-Year Arc (Screen Rant)
05-08-22 (23:31)   Grant Gustin Shares Heartfelt Message After Announcement of The Flash's Final Season (E! Online)
05-08-22 (23:25)   Superman & The Flash's Arrowverse Crossover Has To Happen Now, Right? (Screen Rant)
05-08-22 (21:25)   Grant Gustin Responds To The Flash Ending In Emotional Video Message (Screen Rant)
05-08-22 (21:20)   Despite Controversies, 'The Flash' Is Going Ahead With Ezra Miller (AceShowbiz.com)
05-08-22 (20:03)   The Flash's Grant Gustin Reacts to 'Bittersweet' End Date News: 'I'm Excited to Finish on Our Terms' (TVLine)
05-08-22 (15:25)   The Flash Movie Reportedly Safe After WB's Shock Batgirl Cancellation (Screen Rant)
05-08-22 (01:05)   Warner Bros. Discovery Confirms That The Flash Movie Is Still Happening (Looper)
04-08-22 (23:55)   'The Flash' Release Still a Go Despite Ezra Miller Scandals, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO 'Very Excited' (Variety)
04-08-22 (23:00)   'The Flash' producer says Ezra Miller movie still on despite 'Batgirl' disaster (New York Post)
04-08-22 (17:42)   Does The Flash Ending Mean The Arrowverse Is Dead? | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
04-08-22 (16:11)   Batgirl Cancellation Spells Trouble For The Flash Movie (Screen Rant)
03-08-22 (21:36)   Why On Earth Would Warner Bros. Cancel Batgirl Instead Of The Flash? (Looper)
03-08-22 (18:25)   How Will The Flash End? Every Theory | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
03-08-22 (00:18)   How The Flash Went From The Best Superhero Show On TV To A Total Disaster (SlashFilm)
02-08-22 (22:25)   Why The Flash Is Ending After Season 9 | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
02-08-22 (20:18)   Does The End Of The Flash Spell Doom For The Arrowverse? (SlashFilm)
02-08-22 (18:44)   'The Flash' to end with season 9, The CW confirms (NME.COM)
02-08-22 (17:26)   "The Flash" to Conclude with Season 9 (The Futon Critic)
02-08-22 (16:25)   10 Throwbacks The Flash Needs To Include In Its Final Season (Screen Rant)
02-08-22 (15:44)   Mrs. American Pie - Rick Cosnett Joins Cast (Spoiler TV)
02-08-22 (13:51)   Here's What Convinced Michael Keaton To Don The Batsuit Again In The Flash (Looper)
02-08-22 (13:11)   Arrowverse Fans React To The Flash Season 9 Being The End (Screen Rant)
02-08-22 (10:20)   The CW's Arrowverse to Die With 'The Flash' Season 9 in 2023 (AceShowbiz.com)
02-08-22 (02:25)   Why Michael Keaton Agreed To Return As Batman In The Flash (Screen Rant)
02-08-22 (00:13)   The Flash to Run Away Permanently After Season 9 on the CW (Vulture)
02-08-22 (00:03)   Rick Cosnett Joins 'Mrs. American Pie'; Georgina Reilly In 'Quantum Leap' (Deadline.com)
01-08-22 (23:36)   Fans Of The Flash Just Got The Bittersweet News They've Been Bracing For (Looper)
01-08-22 (22:29)   The Flash on CW Ending With Season 9, Leaving the Arrowverse All but Dead (IGN.com)
01-08-22 (21:41)   The Arrowverse as we know it will end with The Flash next year (Polygon)
01-08-22 (21:24)   The Flash Will End With Season 9 At The CW (GameSpot)
01-08-22 (21:18)   The Flash Season 9 Will Bring The Series To An End (SlashFilm)
01-08-22 (21:11)   The Flash Season 9 Confirmed As Series End | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
01-08-22 (21:02)   The CW's The Flash Ending With Season 9 (E! Online)
01-08-22 (20:54)   The Flash Will End After 9 Seasons (Gizmodo)
01-08-22 (20:27)   The Flash - Ending With Shortened 9th Season (Spoiler TV)
01-08-22 (20:26)   The Flash: Coming to an End! (TV Fanatic)
01-08-22 (20:14)   'The Flash' to End With Season 9 on The CW: 'Barry Allen Has Reached the Starting Gate for His Last Race' (TheWrap.com)
01-08-22 (20:10)   'The Flash' to End With Season 9 at The CW (Variety)
01-08-22 (20:03)   'The Flash' To End With Season 9 On the CW, Final Episode Count Revealed (Deadline.com)
01-08-22 (20:03)   The Flash Will End With Short Season 9 (TVLine)
01-08-22 (18:41)   Why Michael Keaton Hasn't Watched Any 'Batman' Movies Through the Years (Variety)
31-07-22 (18:11)   The Flash's Version Of Spider-Sense is the Power Spider-Man Needs (Screen Rant)
30-07-22 (21:25)   The Flash Is Secretly A Threat To The DC Universe For One Reason (Screen Rant)
29-07-22 (22:11)   Will The Flash Show Arrival Of Barry & Iris' Kids? Showrunner Responds (Screen Rant)
29-07-22 (20:11)   The Flash Season 9's Villain Setup Makes A S1 Fan Theory Possible (Screen Rant)
27-07-22 (22:25)   The Flash and Superman & Lois Join Forces In New CW Arrowverse Poster (Screen Rant)
25-07-22 (18:25)   Why The Flash's Speedster Problem Doesn't Matter Anymore (Screen Rant)
24-07-22 (18:25)   DC Confirms Why Batman's Rogues Will Always Beat The Flash's Version (Screen Rant)
23-07-22 (21:55)   With a 2023 Slate Hobbled by Controversial Stars, Warner Bros. and DC Stick to 2022 Titles in Muted Comic-Con Appearance (Variety)
20-07-22 (00:25)   The Flash's Powers Are Way More Dangerous Than Fans Think (Screen Rant)
19-07-22 (18:11)   Every Theory On Ben Affleck's Batman Ending (& Future) In The Flash Movie (Screen Rant)
18-07-22 (01:25)   The Flash's Rogues Explode in A Brutal, Bloody Betrayal (Screen Rant)
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11-07-22 (15:26)   The Flash Star Candice Patton Wanted to Leave Due to Online Harassment (TV Fanatic)
11-07-22 (04:28)   'The Flash' Star Candice Patton Claims CW, Warner Brothers Failed to Shield Her from Racist Fan Comments (Breitbart.com)
09-07-22 (19:14)   'The Flash' Star Candice Patton Says The CW Didn't Protect Her From Racist Fans: "There Were No Support Systems" (TheWrap.com)
09-07-22 (00:32)   'Flash' Star Candice Patton Says She Was "Treated Differently" Than White Co-Stars, "Not Protected" Against Racist Fan Remarks (Deadline.com)
08-07-22 (20:58)   Candice Patton Says Racist Mistreatment Was 'Free Range' on The Flash (Vulture)
08-07-22 (19:10)   'The Flash' Actor Candice Patton: The CW Didn't Protect Me Against Racist Fans When Show Started (Variety)
08-07-22 (05:20)   Danielle Panabaker 'Basking' in Love After Giving Birth to Second Child (AceShowbiz.com)
07-07-22 (16:02)   The Flash's Danielle Panabaker Gives Birth to Baby No. 2 (E! Online)
07-07-22 (03:59)   Report: 'The Flash' Star Michael Shannon Movie Production Quits Arkansas in Protest over Abortion Trigger Law (Breitbart.com)
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01-07-22 (16:59)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Allegedly Harassed Woman in Germany, Iceland Choking Victim Speaks (Breitbart.com)
30-06-22 (23:34)   Ratings: The Flash Is Flat With Finale; MasterChef, TPIR Rerun Lead Night (TVLine)
30-06-22 (22:13)   TV Ratings for Wednesday 29th June 2022 - Network Prelims, Finals and Cable Numbers Posted (Spoiler TV)
30-06-22 (21:10)   Ezra Miller Accused of Harassing Woman in Germany, and Iceland Choking Victim Breaks Her Silence (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
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30-06-22 (03:03)   'The Flash' Season Finale: Showrunner Eric Wallace Talks Death Of [SPOILER], The Mysterious Figure Emerging From Blaine's Box, "Fan Favorite" Characters Returning In Season 9 & More (Deadline.com)
30-06-22 (03:03)   The Flash Boss Talks Season 8 Finale's 'Ultimate Battle,' Fate of 'WestAllen,' Whether Season 9 Will Be the Very End (TVLine)
29-06-22 (15:34)   The Flash Finale Sneak Peek: Thawne Taunts Barry About Iris' Death — Who Might Be the Team's Next Sacrifice? (TVLine)
29-06-22 (12:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 29th June 2022 (Spoiler TV)
28-06-22 (22:26)   The Flash: Candice Patton Closes Deal to Return for Season 9 (TV Fanatic)
28-06-22 (22:20)   The Flash Boss Teases 'Awesome' Finale Reveals, Sheds Light on Wrap-Up of Diggle's Green Lantern-y Arc (TVLine)
28-06-22 (19:49)   The Flash's Candice Patton Inks Deal to Continue as Iris in Season 9 (TVLine)
27-06-22 (15:40)   Updates From Furiosa, Doom Patrol, and More (Gizmodo)
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22-06-22 (12:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 22nd June 2022 (Spoiler TV)
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20-06-22 (11:20)   'The Flash' Could Be Ezra Miller's Last DCEU Movie Amid His Piled-Up Issues (AceShowbiz.com)
19-06-22 (21:29)   Warner Bros. Reportedly Isn't Likely to Keep Ezra Miller 'in the Flash Role in Future DC Films' (IGN.com)
18-06-22 (21:05)   Ezra Miller's Future As The Flash Doesn't Look Good Right Now (Looper)
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13-06-22 (20:10)   'The Flash' Alum Carlos Valdes Joins Mae Whitman in Hulu Musical Series 'Up Here' (Variety)
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09-06-22 (14:27)   'The Flash' star Ezra Miller accused of using violence to influence a young adolescent (NME.COM)
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19-05-22 (22:13)   TV Ratings for Wednesday 18th May 2022 - Network Prelims, Finals and Cable Numbers Posted (Spoiler TV)
19-05-22 (14:26)   The CW Fall Schedule Features Supernatural & Walker Spinoffs; Superman & Lois, The Flash Held for Midseason (TV Fanatic)
19-05-22 (14:03)   The CW Fall 2022-23 Schedule: 'The Flash', 'Riverdale' & 'Nancy Drew' Move To Midseason, 'Stargirl' Shifts To Fall, 'All American' Block On Mondays & 'Walker' Double Header On Thursday (Deadline.com)
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18-05-22 (12:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 18th May 2022 (Spoiler TV)
17-05-22 (15:14)   'The Flash' Star Ezra Miller Threatened Cops for Calling Him 'Sir' Not 'They' (Breitbart.com)
12-05-22 (22:27)   TV Ratings for Wednesday 11th May 2022 - Network Prelims, Finals and Cable Numbers Posted (Spoiler TV)
12-05-22 (19:03)   TV Ratings: Chicago Fire, Survivor Lead Night; The Flash Eyes Audience Low (TVLine)
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