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21-01-21 (09:58)   Production Dates - Various Shows *Updated 21st January 2021* 30+ Updates (Spoiler TV)
21-01-21 (00:24)   The CW Moves 'The Flash' Premiere Date Back One Week (TV News Roundup) (Variety)
20-01-21 (18:24)   The CW gives Superman & Lois super-sized premiere, bumps The Flash's return to March (Syfy Wire)
20-01-21 (17:03)   'Superman & Lois' Sets Expanded Series Premiere & Special; 'The Flash' Season Debut Pushed (Deadline.com)
20-01-21 (16:34)   Flash's Return Delayed by Supersized Superman & Lois 'Premiere Event' (TVLine)
20-01-21 (16:29)   'Superman & Lois' Gets Supersized Debut Episode, 'The Flash' Season 7 Premiere Pushed to March (TheWrap.com)
20-01-21 (16:27)   Superman & Lois - To Premiere with a 90-minute long episode on The CW - The Flash Pushed *Updated with Press Release* (Spoiler TV)
20-01-21 (15:43)   Superman & Lois Gets Two-Hour Premiere Event, The Flash Pushed (TV Fanatic)
15-01-21 (20:07)   Sorry, Arrowverse fans: The pandemic has likely axed crossover plans for this year (Syfy Wire)
15-01-21 (02:34)   Ray Fisher Reacts to Being Removed From 'The Flash' Movie (AceShowbiz.com)
14-01-21 (21:18)   Daily Podcast: Chris Evans Heading Back to the MCU, Star Wars and Indiana Jones Video Games, Risk TV Show, The Flash, and More (SlashFilm)
14-01-21 (20:05)   Ray Fisher gets candid about being fired from The Flash (Looper)
14-01-21 (19:38)   Ray Fisher and WarnerMedia offer dueling statements on Cyborg's departure from 'The Flash' (Syfy Wire)
14-01-21 (16:47)   Ray Fisher Confirms That He is No Longer Playing Cyborg in 'The Flash' Movie (SlashFilm)
14-01-21 (15:40)   Mountain Dew, Of All Things, May Have Just Given Us Our First Look at The Batman's Riddler (Gizmodo)
14-01-21 (14:41)   Ray Fisher, WarnerMedia Offer Dueling Accounts of 'Flash' Exit (Variety)
14-01-21 (07:27)   Ray Fisher Confirms That He's Been Removed From the Cast of The Flash (Vulture)
14-01-21 (04:24)   The Flash Season 7 Introduces A Chilling Villain (And It's Not Captain Cold) (GameSpot)
14-01-21 (04:24)   CW's The Flash will cool down in Season 7 with Jon Cor playing supervillain Chillblaine (Syfy Wire)
13-01-21 (23:27)   The Flash - Season 7 - Jon Cor Cast As Mark Stevens / Chillblaine (Spoiler TV)
13-01-21 (23:03)   The Flash Season 7: Shadowhunters' Jon Cor to Play a Chilling Villain (TVLine)
13-01-21 (22:44)   The Flash - Season 7 - Promo, Promotional Posters + Set Photos *Updated 13th January 2021* (Spoiler TV)
09-01-21 (21:16)   Can The Flash Movie Work Without Cyborg? (TVOvermind)
08-01-21 (21:09)   WarnerMedia Wants to 'Move On' After Justice League Probe (Gizmodo)
07-01-21 (18:22)   The Flash season 7 release date, cast, and plot - What we know so far (Looper)
07-01-21 (02:05)   Ray Fisher's Cyborg is reportedly being written out of The Flash (Looper)
07-01-21 (01:20)   Ray Fisher Dropped From 'The Flash' Movie After He Criticizes DC Boss (AceShowbiz.com)
06-01-21 (21:53)   Ray Fisher will no longer cameo as Cyborg in 'The Flash' after public break from DC Films (Syfy Wire)
06-01-21 (21:14)   Cyborg Cameo Written Out of 'The Flash'; Role Played by Ray Fisher Won't Be Recast (TheWrap.com)
06-01-21 (14:46)   Future State: The Flash #1 review - a disappointingly familiar speedster story (Ready Steady Cut)
05-01-21 (09:09)   The Flash TV Episode We Almost Saw (Den of Geek)
04-01-21 (20:24)   The Mandalorian replaces Game of Thrones as the most-pirated series for 2020 (Syfy Wire)
04-01-21 (17:14)   10 Most Pirated TV Shows of 2020, From 'The Mandalorian' to 'The Flash' (Photos) (TheWrap.com)
04-01-21 (16:26)   'The Flash' Is Trash? (MMA Mania)
09-12-20 (18:24)   From Crisis to Flashpoint: Celebrating 80 years of The Flash (Syfy Wire)
08-12-20 (02:53)   The Flash has nothing on these bacteria that exhale electricity - and we could soon use that power (Syfy Wire)
06-12-20 (19:10)   Danielle Panabaker Seeks Buyer for Contemporary Hollywood Hills Home (Variety)
06-12-20 (16:51)   Who The Boys fans think would win between The Flash and A-Train (Looper)
01-12-20 (18:44)   CW's Arrowverse - David Ramsey To Return As John Diggle & Mystery Character & Direct 5 Episodes (Spoiler TV)
01-12-20 (18:27)   Recently Added Episode Titles - Various Shows - 1st December 2020 (Spoiler TV)
30-11-20 (18:58)   The Flash - Season 7 - First 5 Episode Titles Revealed (Spoiler TV)
30-11-20 (16:43)   The Flash Season 7 Production Halted Over Positive COVID-19 Test (TV Fanatic)
30-11-20 (07:58)   The Flash Stops on a Dime After Production Member Tests Positive for COVID-19 (Vulture)
30-11-20 (06:49)   The CW Shuts Down 'The Flash' Season 7 Production Following Positive COVID-19 Test (AceShowbiz.com)
29-11-20 (23:03)   'The Flash' Pauses Production After Positive Covid-19 Test (Deadline.com)
29-11-20 (22:58)   The Flash - Season 7 - Production Suspended After Positive Covid-19 Result (Spoiler TV)
24-11-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which was the best Arrowverse crossover? (Spoiler TV)
22-11-20 (19:46)   Non-Binary Superheroes Multiplying, As DC Comics Adds 'Kid Quick' To 'The Flash' (Deadline.com)
19-11-20 (15:27)   Critics Choice Super Awards 2020 - Nominations Announced (Spoiler TV)
18-11-20 (23:24)   Stephen King's The Stand reveals The Flash's Ezra Miller in surprise role (Syfy Wire)
17-11-20 (20:42)   The Flash Season 7: Premiere Date, Casting, Spoilers, and More (TVGuide.com)
04-11-20 (14:05)   MINI celebrates 80 years of The Flash with a custom EV (SlashGear)
01-11-20 (11:44)   Most Popular Shows and Articles on SpoilerTV - October 2020 (Spoiler TV)
31-10-20 (10:58)   SpoilerTV Readers Cancellation/Renewal Predictions Table 2020/21 *Updated 31st October 2020* (Spoiler TV)
29-10-20 (20:16)   The CW Reveals Premiere Dates For The Flash, Batwoman, Riverdale and More (E! Online)
29-10-20 (19:24)   The CW sets Winter 2021 premieres for Superman & Lois, Batwoman, The Flash and more (Syfy Wire)
29-10-20 (17:44)   CW Winter Premiere Dates 2021 (Spoiler TV)
29-10-20 (17:42)   The CW Winter 2021 Premiere Date Schedule: Riverdale, The Flash, Superman & Lois, and More (TVGuide.com)
29-10-20 (17:41)   Batwoman, The Flash, And More CW Show 2021 Premiere Dates Revealed (GameSpot)
29-10-20 (17:34)   The CW Sets Delayed Premiere Dates for Flash, Superman & Lois, Riverdale, Charmed, Batwoman and More (TVLine)
22-10-20 (15:24)   The Flash star John Wesley Shipp walked in the '90s so superhero TV could run today (Syfy Wire)
21-10-20 (20:24)   Michael Keaton updates he's still in 'discussions' to reprise Batman role in 'The Flash' (Syfy Wire)
21-10-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which is your favorite season of The Flash? (Spoiler TV)
19-10-20 (00:51)   The real reason Violett Beane left The Flash (Looper)
17-10-20 (20:05)   The real reason Tom Felton left The Flash (Looper)
15-10-20 (23:05)   The real reason Shantel VanSanten left The Flash (Looper)
13-10-20 (20:34)   Shantel VanSanten Opens Up About Truncated Flash Run: 'The Showrunner Put Me on a Train All of a Sudden' (TVLine)
12-10-20 (22:24)   Ahead of big crossovers, The Flash's new writer brings the Scarlet Speedster 'back to basics' (Syfy Wire)
08-10-20 (05:18)   Superhero Bits: 'The Flash' Rumors, New York Comic-Con Guide', 'The Boys' NSFW Material & More (SlashFilm)
07-10-20 (02:58)   THE FLASH: Warner Bros. Rumoured To Be "Pursuing" Gal Gadot To Appear As Wonder Woman (Comic Book Movie)
06-10-20 (16:53)   Do the Warner Bros. shuffle: The Batman delayed again until 2022, Matrix 4 will arrive early (Syfy Wire)
06-10-20 (07:56)   The Batman, The Matrix 4, The Flash, Dune, Shazam! 2 Release Dates Shuffled by Warner Bros. (Gadgets 360)
06-10-20 (05:41)   THE BATMAN, THE FLASH, SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS, & BLACK ADAM Delayed While THE MATRIX 4 Moves Up (Comic Book Movie)
06-10-20 (04:58)   THE BATMAN, THE FLASH, SHAZAM 2, & BLACK ADAM Delayed While THE MATRIX 4 Moves Up (Comic Book Movie)
03-10-20 (19:54)   Billy Crudup Is in Talks to Join the Flash Movie, Again (Gizmodo)
03-10-20 (02:24)   WIRE Buzz: Billy Crudup speeds back to The Flash; The Snoopy Show teases; Mulan goes wider (Syfy Wire)
03-10-20 (02:13)   MOVIES: The Flash - News Roundup *Updated 2nd October 2020* (Spoiler TV)
03-10-20 (00:24)   The Flash: Billy Crudup May Re-Join Ezra Miller's Speedster Flick (GameSpot)
03-10-20 (00:10)   Billy Crudup in Early Talks to Rejoin Ezra Miller in 'The Flash' (Variety)
03-10-20 (00:04)   'The Flash' Casting: Billy Crudup is Once Again in Talks to Play Barry Allen's Dad (SlashFilm)
02-10-20 (23:27)   THE FLASH: Billy Crudup (Back) In Talks To Join Ezra Miller In The Upcoming Standalone DC Movie (Comic Book Movie)
02-10-20 (23:00)   'The Flash': Billy Crudup Back to Play Henry Allen in DC Superhero Movie (TheWrap.com)
02-10-20 (22:46)   'The Flash': Billy Crudup In Talks To Join DC Movie (Deadline.com)
02-10-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which is your favorite season of the Arrowverse? (Spoiler TV)
01-10-20 (12:58)   THE FLASH Star John Wesley Ship Promises CWVerse Return Despite Events Of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS (Comic Book Movie)
30-09-20 (15:23)   Stephen King's Firestarter Remake Has Found the Pyrokinetic's Dad (Gizmodo)
29-09-20 (09:09)   The Flash Season 7: Jay Garrick Will Return (Den of Geek)
26-09-20 (03:04)   Superhero Bits: Watch a Documentary About The Joker, Why 'The Flash' Was Canceled in the 1990s & More (SlashFilm)
24-09-20 (15:41)   THE FLASH And LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Set Tentative Production Start Dates In Vancouver, Canada (Comic Book Movie)
23-09-20 (21:46)   'The Flash', 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow', 'All American' & Other Berlanti Prods. Series Set Tentative Production Start Dates (Deadline.com)
22-09-20 (15:51)   The Flash rumored to feature the Superman that never was (Looper)
22-09-20 (09:09)   The Flash: The Secret Origin of the Original TV Series (Den of Geek)
20-09-20 (14:12)   RUMOR MILL: Some Major DC Films Cameos For THE FLASH May Have Been Revealed - SPOILERS (Comic Book Movie)
19-09-20 (00:57)   The Flash Season 7: Spoilers, Trailer, Release Date, Casting, and More (TVGuide.com)
18-09-20 (15:54)   New Dune Merch Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at Baron Harkonnen (Gizmodo)
17-09-20 (03:12)   Ray Fisher Reportedly Made WB Accusations Shortly After Being Offered A Small Role In THE FLASH (Comic Book Movie)
17-09-20 (01:43)   'Justice League' Star Ray Fisher Went on Twitter Attack After Getting Cameo Offer in 'The Flash' (Exclusive) (TheWrap.com)
15-09-20 (15:40)   Updates From Uncharted, the Flash Movie, and More (Gizmodo)
14-09-20 (19:22)   The Flash producer reveals dream project for Flash team-up movie (Looper)
14-09-20 (16:12)   THE FLASH Season 7 Will Deal With The Mystery Surrounding Godspeed's Identity According To Showrunner (Comic Book Movie)
14-09-20 (11:13)   The SpoilerTV Android App *Updated 14th September 2020* (Spoiler TV)
13-09-20 (17:58)   THE FLASH Director Andy Muschietti Teases A "Very Funny" Yet Sometimes "Terrifying" Film (Comic Book Movie)
13-09-20 (01:31)   Everything We Learned About The Flash Season 7 at DC FanDome (E! Online)
12-09-20 (22:27)   THE FLASH "Restarts Everything And Forgets Nothing" Teases Producer Barbara Muschietti (Comic Book Movie)
12-09-20 (22:24)   DC FanDome: Andy Muschietti says his Flash movie will be both funny and terrifying (Syfy Wire)
11-09-20 (19:11)   Affleck's Jay & Silent Bob Cameo Ruins His Batman Return In The Flash (Screen Rant)
10-09-20 (21:24)   The Flash's Joe West 'rises up' for Season 7 in response to recent civil unrest in America (Syfy Wire)
10-09-20 (18:42)   The Flash of DC One Million Returns To Comic Canon | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
08-09-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which CW show do you think will receive the highest ratings in the 2020-2021 season? (Spoiler TV)
05-09-20 (07:58)   JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Ray Fisher Not Cooperating With Investigators Says WB; Was In Talks For THE FLASH (Comic Book Movie)
04-09-20 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2020 - Day 22 - Supernatural vs. Grey's Anatomy & Leverage vs. The Flash (Spoiler TV)
01-09-20 (18:58)   The CWverse Superheroes Promo - Various Shows (Spoiler TV)
01-09-20 (10:44)   Most Popular Shows and Articles on SpoilerTV - August 2020 (Spoiler TV)
29-08-20 (14:27)   The Flash - Season 6 Gag Reel (Spoiler TV)
28-08-20 (03:04)   Superhero Bits: 'Fortnite' Announces Marvel Crossover 'The Nexus War', 'The Flash' Villain Rumors & More (SlashFilm)
27-08-20 (18:27)   BATMAN Fan-Art Puts Ben Affleck's Caped Crusader In Greg Capullo's "Rebirth" Batsuit, Ready For THE FLASH (Comic Book Movie)
27-08-20 (01:41)   RUMOR MILL: THE FLASH Reportedly Won't Feature Reverse-Flash As The Movie's Lead Villain (Comic Book Movie)
26-08-20 (22:41)   RUMOR MILL: THE FLASH Reportedly Won't Feature Reverse-Flash At The Movie's Lead Villain (Comic Book Movie)
26-08-20 (16:16)   What We Learned from The Flash Season 7 Trailer (TVOvermind)
26-08-20 (01:42)   The Flash Season 7: Premiere Date, Trailer, Spoilers, Casting, and More (TVGuide.com)
25-08-20 (19:45)   The Real Iris Gives Supergirl a Shout-Out in The Flash Season 6 Deleted Scene (E! Online)
25-08-20 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2020 - Day 12 - Leverage vs. The Good Doctor & The Flash vs. Prison Break (Spoiler TV)
25-08-20 (14:57)   The Flash Season 7 Spoilers: How Will the Series Address Hartley Sawyer's Firing? (TV Fanatic)
25-08-20 (05:54)   The Flash Will Recast the Elongated Man, But He Won't Be Around Long (Gizmodo)
25-08-20 (03:24)   The Flash's Elongated Man will be back for a short stretch in Season 7, but not how you're expecting (Syfy Wire)
25-08-20 (01:02)   We Have to Talk About The Flash's Season 7 Trailer (E! Online)
24-08-20 (22:41)   THE FLASH Showrunner Eric Wallace Reveals How Hartley Sawyer's Elongated Man Will Be Written Out (Comic Book Movie)
24-08-20 (21:20)   The Flash Reveals Plan to Write Out Hartley Sawyer's Ralph Dibny (TVLine)
24-08-20 (15:40)   Could The Thing Be Blumhouse's Next Big Horror Reboot? (Gizmodo)
24-08-20 (15:23)   The First Trailer for The Flash's 7th Season Is a Roller Coaster (Gizmodo)
23-08-20 (18:41)   The Flash: Take A Look At Barry Allen's New Super Suit (GameSpot)
23-08-20 (17:43)   The Flash Season 7: First Footage! (TV Fanatic)
23-08-20 (02:09)   The Flash Season 7 Trailer Arrives (Den of Geek)
23-08-20 (01:57)   The Flash Season 7: Trailer, Spoilers, Casting, Release Date, and More (TVGuide.com)
23-08-20 (01:57)   The Flash Season 7 Trailer Previews Iris' Descent Into Madness in the Mirrorverse (TVGuide.com)
23-08-20 (01:43)   'The Flash': Barry Allen's Powers Falter and Iris Gets a Literal Split Personality in Season 7 Trailer (Video) (TheWrap.com)
23-08-20 (01:41)   The Flash Season 7 Gets A New Trailer, And Everything Seems Hopeless (GameSpot)
23-08-20 (01:40)   The Flash Season 7: What to Expect for Iris West-Allen (Den of Geek)
23-08-20 (01:39)   The Flash Season 7 Trailer Is Essentially More of Season 6 (Gadgets 360)
23-08-20 (01:24)   The CW's Flash drops first trailer for Season 7, teases what's next at DC FanDome (Syfy Wire)
23-08-20 (01:23)   The Flash Movie Will Kick-Off the DC Cinematic Multiverse (Gizmodo)
23-08-20 (00:51)   The Flash will bring the multiverse to the DC movies (Looper)
23-08-20 (00:49)   The Flash Season 7 Trailer Teases an Untimely Power Outage for Barry and Mirrorverse Madness for Iris (TVLine)
23-08-20 (00:42)   The Flash's Candice Patton Doesn't Mind Being Labeled 'Difficult' (TVGuide.com)
23-08-20 (00:07)   DC Universe's women of color talk representation and helping fans see themselves in superheroes (Syfy Wire)
23-08-20 (00:07)   Andy Muschietti shows off Flash's new 'organic' suit; screenwriter promises launch of 'cinematic multiverse' (Syfy Wire)
22-08-20 (23:36)   The Flash's new costume explained (Looper)
22-08-20 (21:54)   The Flash: DCEU Movie Reveals New Costume in Fandome Concept Art (Den of Geek)
22-08-20 (21:47)   'The Flash' Will Feature the Birth of the Cinematic Multiverse, and Batman Makes Barry Allen a New Suit [DC FanDome] (SlashFilm)
22-08-20 (21:12)   THE FLASH Concept Art Reveals The Scarlet Speedster's New Suit And A Team-Up With Michael Keaton's Batman (Comic Book Movie)
22-08-20 (21:10)   The Flash: Take A Look At Barry's New Super Suit (GameSpot)
22-08-20 (21:10)   'The Flash' First Look: Ezra Miller Teases New Costume at DC Fandome (Variety)
22-08-20 (21:10)   First look at the The Flash movie, which is officially a Flashpoint crossover (Polygon)
22-08-20 (20:41)   THE FLASH: It's Time To Get Everybody Back In The Official Trailer For Season 7 (Comic Book Movie)
22-08-20 (04:24)   'Shazam!' Star Meagan Good and DJ D-Nice Preview DC FanDome's Blerd-Focused Events (Variety)
21-08-20 (17:58)   THE FLASH: 10 More Alternate DC Universes Barry Allen Could Visit Across The Multiverse (Comic Book Movie)
21-08-20 (17:40)   Ben Affleck Gave Notes on The Flash Movie Script Before Agreeing to Return as Batman (Den of Geek)
21-08-20 (17:07)   Exclusive: Bloodwork is very interested in dark matter in deleted scene from Flash Season 6 (Syfy Wire)
21-08-20 (16:03)   The Flash Meets Mirror Iris for the First Time in Deleted Season 6 Scene (TVLine)
21-08-20 (14:41)   THE FLASH Director Andy Muschietti Confirms Existence Of DC Multiverse; "All That You've Seen Exists" (Comic Book Movie)
21-08-20 (14:41)   THE FLASH: Ben Affleck's Batman Reprisal Won't Lead To A Permanent Return Or Rumored HBO Max Series (Comic Book Movie)
21-08-20 (13:58)   THE FLASH: Ben Affleck's Return Won't Lead To A Permanent Return Or That Rumored HBO Max Series (Comic Book Movie)
21-08-20 (08:39)   Ben Affleck Will Return as Batman in The Flash Movie (Gadgets 360)
21-08-20 (06:16)   The Flash, Batwoman and More: How To Find All the TV Content at DC FanDome (E! Online)
21-08-20 (03:03)   Ben Affleck Confirmed to Return as Batman in 'The Flash' Movie (AceShowbiz.com)
20-08-20 (23:44)   Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton Will Be Batmen Again in The Flash (Vulture)
20-08-20 (23:26)   Ben Affleck returns as Batman in new movie, The Flash (Digital Trends)
20-08-20 (23:23)   Ben Affleck Is Returning to Batman for The Flash's DC Multiverse (Gizmodo)
20-08-20 (22:54)   The Flash Movie Will Unify DC Multiverse (Den of Geek)
20-08-20 (22:41)   Ben Affleck Returning as Batman in 'The Flash' (Variety)
20-08-20 (22:26)   Ben Affleck back as Batman in upcoming The Flash movie - CNET (C-Net News.com)
20-08-20 (22:09)   Ben Affleck Returns as Batman for The Flash Movie (Den of Geek)
20-08-20 (21:58)   THE FLASH: Ben Affleck Is Officially Returning As BATMAN In The 2022 Movie (Comic Book Movie)
20-08-20 (21:53)   Ben Affleck will return as Batman alongside Michael Keaton in 'The Flash' solo film (Syfy Wire)
20-08-20 (21:33)   'The Flash' Will Bring Back Ben Affleck as Batman (SlashFilm)
20-08-20 (21:29)   Ben Affleck to Return as Bruce Wayne in Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' Movie (TheWrap.com)
20-08-20 (21:24)   Ben Affleck Is Returning To Play Batman In The Flash Movie (GameSpot)
20-08-20 (21:24)   Ben Affleck to return as Batman in The Flash movie (Polygon)
20-08-20 (11:41)   Mystery Movie Panel At DC FANDOME This Saturday Has Been Replaced With THE FLASH TV Show (Comic Book Movie)
19-08-20 (20:58)   THE FLASH: 10 Ways Michael Keaton's Batman Return Could Change The DC Extended Universe Forever (Comic Book Movie)
19-08-20 (19:03)   DC FanDome Unveils Schedule, Sets Panels For 'Wonder Woman 1984', 'The Suicide Squad', 'The Batman', 'Black Adam', 'Lucifer', 'The Flash', And More - Update (Deadline.com)
17-08-20 (17:13)   John Oliver Says Conspiracy Theories Turn Trump Into 'the Flash on Cocaine' (Vulture)
15-08-20 (13:27)   Live+7 Ratings *Updated 15th August 2020* (Spoiler TV)
15-08-20 (01:10)   DC FanDome Schedule: How To Watch The Flash, Justice League Snyder Cut, Suicide Squad, And More Panels (GameSpot)
14-08-20 (17:55)   DC FanDome Schedule Revealed: The Flash, Justice League Snyder Cut, Suicide Squad, And More Coming To Event (GameSpot)
14-08-20 (15:44)   DC Fandome - The Flash, Lucifer, Supergirl, Doom Patrol, Stargirl *Full Scheduled Released* (Spoiler TV)
14-08-20 (15:41)   DC FANDOME Schedule Includes THE BATMAN, THE FLASH, The Snyder Cut Of JUSTICE LEAGUE, And More (Comic Book Movie)
14-08-20 (15:14)   'Wonder Woman 1984,' 'The Flash' Kick Off Film Panel Slate at DC FanDome (TheWrap.com)
14-08-20 (15:14)   DC FanDome: 'The Flash,' 'Black Lightning' and 'Pennyworth' Lead TV Panel Slate (TheWrap.com)
14-08-20 (15:11)   DC FanDome Schedule: The Flash, Batwoman, Doom Patrol, and More Must-Watch TV Panels (TVGuide.com)
12-08-20 (02:41)   New SUPERGIRL Season 6 And THE FLASH Season 7 Promo Posters Released By The CW (Comic Book Movie)
11-08-20 (11:40)   The Flash Movie Script Grant Morrison Wrote Had a Back to the Future Vibe (Den of Geek)
10-08-20 (21:58)   THE FLASH: Grant Morrison Says His And Ezra Miller's Script Was "More Like BACK TO THE FUTURE" (Comic Book Movie)
10-08-20 (21:24)   Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison's Flash script was more 'Back to the Future' than superhero movie (Syfy Wire)
07-08-20 (16:34)   DC FanDome Event: Batwoman, Flash, Black Lightning and Harley Quinn Stars Among 300+ RSVPs Watch Video (TVLine)
07-08-20 (15:40)   '80s Classic Knight Rider Will Ride Again With Help From James Wan (Gizmodo)
07-08-20 (10:27)   Latest from TVLine - Various Shows - 7th August 2020 (Spoiler TV)
04-08-20 (13:41)   THE FLASH, SUPERGIRL, BLACK LIGHTNING & More Mask-Up For New COVID-19 PSA Posters (Comic Book Movie)
04-08-20 (03:53)   Supergirl, The Flash, Beebo and more 'Real Heroes' wear masks in new CW posters (Syfy Wire)
03-08-20 (23:03)   'Real Heroes Wear Masks' in New Posters for Superman & Lois, The Flash and More Returning CW Shows (TVLine)
01-08-20 (12:44)   Most Popular Shows and Articles on SpoilerTV - July 2020 (Spoiler TV)
01-08-20 (12:41)   THE FLASH Director Andy Muschietti Drops More FLASHPOINT Hints About His Upcoming DC Movie (Comic Book Movie)
27-07-20 (22:57)   The Flash Season 7: Spoilers, Casting, Release Date, and More (TVGuide.com)
27-07-20 (14:12)   THE FLASH: Ray Fisher Seems Unsure Whether Cyborg Will Be Part Of The Scarlet Speedster's Solo Movie (Comic Book Movie)
25-07-20 (18:58)   THE FLASH, SUPERMAN & LOIS, & SUPERNATURAL On Track To Resume Filming Next Month (Comic Book Movie)
25-07-20 (12:58)   THE FLASH: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jokes That "Michael Keaton Swooped In And Took My Gig" As Batman (Comic Book Movie)
25-07-20 (04:20)   The Flash, Riverdale and More Shows Eye Late August Return to Production (TVLine)
24-07-20 (19:23)   Our Hero Katee Sackhoff on Robot Chicken, the New BSG, and That Wacky Accent She Did on The Flash (Gizmodo)
21-07-20 (22:12)   RUMOR MILL: THE FLASH Movie Won't Feature The Atlantean/Amazon War With Aquaman And Wonder Woman (Comic Book Movie)
20-07-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which TV shows have the worst CGI? (Spoiler TV)
15-07-20 (20:26)   Grant Gustin Remembers 'One of a Kind' Glee Co-Star Naya Rivera (TV Fanatic)
15-07-20 (19:49)   Glee Alum Grant Gustin Recalls Being 'Intimidated' By Naya Rivera's Talent (TVLine)
06-07-20 (20:58)   BATMAN RETURNS: Fans Have Spotted An Easter Egg Teasing THE FLASH In The 1991 Classic (Comic Book Movie)
02-07-20 (17:09)   Flashpoint: Which Batman is Michael Keaton Playing in The Flash Movie? (Den of Geek)
01-07-20 (19:41)   THE FLASH: Ezra Miller Finally Gets A Comic Accurate Costume In Awesome New Fan-Art (Comic Book Movie)
29-06-20 (19:13)   SpoilerTV Staff's Unpopular TV Opinions (Spoiler TV)
29-06-20 (15:58)   THE FLASH: Warner Bros. May Bring Christian Bale Back As Batman If Talks With Michael Keaton Fall Through (Comic Book Movie)
29-06-20 (15:40)   Updates From the Next Evil Dead, The Flash, and More (Gizmodo)
29-06-20 (01:03)   How The Flash's Delayed Finale Twist Will Affect Season 7's 'Graphic Novels' (TVLine)
28-06-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which was your favorite Arrowverse show in 2019-2020? (Spoiler TV)
27-06-20 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV 2020 Episode Competition - Day 13 - Round 3: Polls 1-4 (Spoiler TV)
26-06-20 (22:58)   THE FLASH Will See BATMAN Star Michael Keaton Suit Up And Don The Cape And Cowl Again (Comic Book Movie)
25-06-20 (21:40)   The Flash Movie: What Does Flashpoint Mean for the DCEU? (Den of Geek)
25-06-20 (14:12)   THE FLASH Season 7 Anticipating Production Start In Vancouver As Soon As August (Comic Book Movie)
25-06-20 (12:12)   THE FLASH Season 7 Anticipating Starting Filming In Vancouver As Soon As August (Comic Book Movie)
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23-06-20 (14:12)   THE FLASH Will NOT Feature The Flashpoint Version Of Batman Following Michael Keaton Casting (Comic Book Movie)
23-06-20 (09:20)   Michael Keaton Is in Negotiation to Reprise Batman Role in 'The Flash' (AceShowbiz.com)
23-06-20 (07:39)   Batman Returns: Michael Keaton Reportedly in Talks to Don the Cowl Again, Starting With The Flash (Gadgets 360)
23-06-20 (01:05)   What Michael Keaton's rumored return as Batman in The Flash means for the DCEU (Looper)
22-06-20 (23:48)   Micheal Keaton Could Return As Batman For The Flash Film (GameInformer.com)
22-06-20 (23:02)   Michael Keaton Is in Talks to Return as Batman in The Flash Movie (E! Online)
22-06-20 (22:24)   Michael Keaton May Play Batman Again In The Flash Movie - Report (GameSpot)
22-06-20 (22:12)   THE FLASH Plot Details Reveal How Michael Keaton's Batman Returns And FLASHPOINT Inspiration (Comic Book Movie)
22-06-20 (21:54)   Michael Keaton Could Play Bruce Wayne Again for The Flash Movie (Gizmodo)
22-06-20 (21:07)   Batman returns? Michael Keaton in talks to play Caped Crusader again in The Flash movie (Syfy Wire)
22-06-20 (21:03)   Michael Keaton In Early Talks To Reprise 'Batman' Role For DC Universe, Starting With 'The Flash' (Deadline.com)
22-06-20 (20:58)   Michael Keaton Reportedly In Talks To Return As Bruce Wayne/Batman In THE FLASH Movie! (Comic Book Movie)
22-06-20 (20:55)   Michael Keaton in Early Talks to Play Batman (Again) in 'The Flash' (Variety)
22-06-20 (20:33)   Michael Keaton Will Return as Batman in Multiple DC Movies, Starting With 'The Flash' Solo Movie (SlashFilm)
22-06-20 (20:29)   Batman Returns! Michael Keaton in Talks to Play Bruce Wayne in 'The Flash' Movie (Exclusive) (TheWrap.com)
21-06-20 (10:58)   THE FLASH: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Rumored To Be In Talks To Return As Thomas Wayne In "Flashpoint" Adaptation (Comic Book Movie)
20-06-20 (13:58)   THE FLASH Producer Seemingly Confirms That Ray Fisher's Cyborg Will Indeed Appear In The Movie (Comic Book Movie)
16-06-20 (17:57)   DC FanDome: The Flash, Lucifer, & Watchmen Among Shows Set to Gather for Virtual Event (TV Fanatic)
16-06-20 (15:03)   Batwoman, Lucifer, The Flash, Watchmen and Other Shows to Gather for Virtual 'DC FanDome' Event (TVLine)
16-06-20 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which of the following TV shows will still be around in 2030? (Spoiler TV)
15-06-20 (17:36)   The real reason Victor Garber left The Flash (Looper)
14-06-20 (12:41)   THE FLASH Producer Barbara Muschietti Says News About The DC Comics Movie Is "Coming" (Comic Book Movie)
12-06-20 (22:24)   Marc Bernardin's The Plague Nerdalogues sets star-studded 'Second Wave' for Black Lives Matter (Syfy Wire)
09-06-20 (20:12)   THE FLASH Star Grant Gustin Supports The CW's Decision To Fire Elongated Man Actor Hartley Sawyer (Comic Book Movie)
09-06-20 (18:02)   The Flash's Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell Speak Out After Co-Star Hartley Sawyer Is Fired (E! Online)
09-06-20 (15:12)   The Flash Star Grant Gustin & Showrunner Eric Wallace React To Hartley Sawyer Firing (TV Fanatic)
09-06-20 (15:05)   Why Hartley Sawyer was just fired from The Flash (Looper)
09-06-20 (03:59)   'The Flash' Actor Hartley Sawyer Fired After Old 'Date Rape' Tweets Resurface (Breitbart.com)
09-06-20 (03:34)   Grant Gustin Declares 'Words Matter' After Hartley Sawyer Fired From 'The Flash' for Racist Tweets (AceShowbiz.com)
09-06-20 (01:32)   'The Flash' Star Grant Gustin & Showrunner Eric Wallace React To Hartley Sawyer Firing (Deadline.com)
09-06-20 (00:04)   'The Flash' Fires Actor Hartley Sawyer For Racist, Misogynistic Tweets (SlashFilm)
08-06-20 (23:27)   The Flash Actor Hartley Sawyer Fired Over Racist and Misogynistic Tweets (Vulture)
08-06-20 (23:16)   The Flash's Hartley Sawyer Fired After Offensive Tweets Resurface (E! Online)
08-06-20 (22:49)   The Flash's Grant Gustin Reacts to Hartley Sawyer's Firing: 'Words Matter' (TVLine)
08-06-20 (22:09)   The Flash's Hartley Sawyer Has Been Fired After Vile Tweets Resurface (Gizmodo)
08-06-20 (21:54)   Hartley Sawyer Fired from The Flash Over Offensive Tweets (Den of Geek)
08-06-20 (21:28)   Hartley Sawyer Fired From The Flash for Racist, Misogynistic Tweets (TVGuide.com)
08-06-20 (21:07)   The Flash's Elongated Man, Hartley Sawyer, fired after racist and misogynistic tweets resurface (Syfy Wire)
08-06-20 (20:49)   Flash's Hartley Sawyer Fired for Racist, Homophobic and Misogynistic Tweets That Left Showrunner 'Mad as Hell' (TVLine)
08-06-20 (20:41)   The Flash Star Hartley Sawyer Fired For Offensive Tweets (GameSpot)
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08-06-20 (20:29)   'The Flash' Actor Hartley Sawyer Fired After Racist, Misogynistic Tweets Resurface (TheWrap.com)
08-06-20 (20:27)   THE FLASH Actor Hartley Sawyer Has Been Fired From The CW Series Following Controversial Tweets (Comic Book Movie)
08-06-20 (20:13)   The Flash - Hartley Sawyer fired for Racist and Misogynist Tweets (Spoiler TV)
08-06-20 (20:12)   Hartley Sawyer Fired from The Flash After Racist, Misogynist Tweets Resurface (TV Fanatic)
08-06-20 (20:10)   'The Flash' Star Hartley Sawyer Fired Over Racist, Misogynistic Tweets (Variety)
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04-06-20 (21:58)   THE FLASH Movie Rumored To Include Ray Fisher's Cyborg (Again) (Comic Book Movie)
02-06-20 (03:04)   Superhero Bits: The Real Godspeed Coming to 'The Flash', Tom Ellis Closes 'Lucifer' Deal & More (SlashFilm)
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01-06-20 (15:23)   Chloe Bennet Teases Agents of SHIELD's 'Rewarding End' for Daisy (Gizmodo)
31-05-20 (22:03)   The Flash Will Finally Face Off With [Spoiler] in Season 7, EP Confirms (TVLine)
29-05-20 (18:13)   Interview: Why Poki is partnering with Nitrome and more to preserve the Flash games of old (Pocket Gamer.biz)
28-05-20 (16:54)   Henry Cavill's Superman May Return to the DC Universe (With or Without Facial Hair) (Gizmodo)
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26-05-20 (13:44)   How are your shows doing compared to others on the same Network? *Updated 26th May 2020* (Spoiler TV)
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22-05-20 (17:23)   The Flash Age Gives us Reverse Flash vs. Paradox (Den of Geek)
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20-05-20 (20:23)   The 'Snyder Cut' of Justice League Is Being Released (Gizmodo)
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16-05-20 (17:16)   The Flash Star Logan Williams' Mom Says He Died of an Overdose (E! Online)
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14-05-20 (21:40)   The CW-DC Universe Won't Return Until 2021, and Will See a Scaled-Down Crossover (Gizmodo)
14-05-20 (20:13)   CW 2020/21 Fall and January 2021 Schedule *Updated with Full Press Release* (Spoiler TV)
14-05-20 (20:10)   CW Fall 2020 Schedule to Feature 'Supernatural' Finale, New Shows Held Until January (Variety)
14-05-20 (15:41)   THE FLASH Showrunner On The Impromptu Season 6 Finale, Season 7 Plans, And Future Changes To The Show (Comic Book Movie)
13-05-20 (22:34)   Flash Boss Cops to 'Tough' Unplanned Cliffhanger, Confirms Plan for Unfilmed Episodes and a 'Happy Ending' (TVLine)
13-05-20 (22:13)   Ratings for Tuesday 12th May 2020 - Network Prelims, Finals and Cable Numbers Posted (Spoiler TV)
13-05-20 (20:40)   The Flash Season 6 Finale Ending Explained (Den of Geek)
13-05-20 (19:03)   'The Voice' Tops Tuesday Ratings; 'For Life' Rises, 'The Flash' Steady In Finales (Deadline.com)
13-05-20 (12:12)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 6 Episode 19 (TV Fanatic)
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13-05-20 (03:57)   The Flash Finale Hints at Iris Being the Next Villain (TVGuide.com)
13-05-20 (03:49)   The Flash Season 6 Finale Recap: Who Died? And Is Iris Ready to Crack? (TVLine)
12-05-20 (22:07)   Efrat Dor teases Mirror Mistress 'cliffhanger' in The Flash finale and what comes next (Syfy Wire)
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12-05-20 (10:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 12th May 2020 (Spoiler TV)
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11-05-20 (20:09)   Mirror Master: The Secrets of Eva McCulloch and The Flash Season 6 Villain (Den of Geek)
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06-05-20 (22:13)   Ratings for Tuesday 5th May 2020 - Network Prelims, Finals and Cable Numbers Posted (Spoiler TV)
06-05-20 (20:58)   THE FLASH Season 6 Finale "Success Is Assured" Stills Released (Comic Book Movie)
06-05-20 (20:27)   THE FLASH Season 6 Finale Stills "Success Is Assured" Released (Comic Book Movie)
06-05-20 (18:24)   WIRE Buzz: You can cameo in Bill & Ted 3; The Flash S6 'finale' teaser; She-Hulk scripts (Syfy Wire)
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05-05-20 (21:31)   The Flash's Candice Patton on What's Next For Barry & Iris While She's Still Stuck in the Mirror (E! Online)

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