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22-04-18 (01:51)   'The Flash' Star Teases Major Decision for Cisco (Comicbook.com)
21-04-18 (00:16)   Did you Know Grant Gustin Doesn't Really Run on "The Flash?" (TVOvermind)
20-04-18 (16:39)   Wentworth Miller is Back in The Flash Fury Rogue Photos (ComingSoon.com)
20-04-18 (03:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 21 "Harry and the Harrisons" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
20-04-18 (03:02)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 "Fury Rogue" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
20-04-18 (01:22)   The Council of Wells Returns to 'The Flash' in "Harry and the Harrisons" (Comicbook.com)
20-04-18 (00:07)   The Flash stars on the fallout of that shocking death and what it means for Barry (Syfy Wire)
19-04-18 (23:34)   The Flash Photos: Citizen Cold Returns as Siren-X Makes Her Debut (TVLine)
19-04-18 (22:14)   'The Flash' Needs to Bring Caitlin and Cisco out of the Background (BuddyTV)
19-04-18 (21:22)   Citizen Cold and Black Siren Come to 'The Flash' in "Fury Rogue" Photos (Comicbook.com)
19-04-18 (17:07)   You Don't Want Super Speed, Because Science (Nerdist)
19-04-18 (00:14)   Why 'The Flash' Fans Shouldn't Be Too Worried About Ralph (BuddyTV)
18-04-18 (18:59)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'Lose Yourself'? (BuddyTV)
18-04-18 (14:08)   Watch the Promo for Wentworth Miller's Final Episode of The Flash! (ComingSoon.com)
18-04-18 (12:12)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 4 Episode 18 (TV Fanatic)
18-04-18 (07:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 "Fury Rogue" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
18-04-18 (06:07)   A brutal loss for Team Flash, plus a killer twist, in the latest episode of The Flash (Syfy Wire)
18-04-18 (05:14)   The Flash Does Right by Ralph Dibny (IGN.com)
18-04-18 (04:28)   'The Flash' Recap: The Team Suffers a Major Loss in a Fight Against DeVoe (BuddyTV)
18-04-18 (04:05)   'The Flash' Fans React to SPOILER's Death in "Lose Yourself" (Comicbook.com)
18-04-18 (03:51)   Citizen Cold Comes to 'The Flash' in "Fury Rogue" Preview (Comicbook.com)
18-04-18 (03:36)   'The Flash': What's Next For SPOILER After "Lose Yourself"? (Comicbook.com)
18-04-18 (03:34)   The Flash Recap: The Unthinkable ? Who Went Down in Epic Throwdown? (TVLine)
18-04-18 (03:28)   The Flash Just Killed Off One of Your Faves (TVGuide.com)
18-04-18 (03:22)   'The Flash': SPOILER Dies in "Lose Yourself" (Comicbook.com)
18-04-18 (03:12)   THE FLASH: Citizen Cold Returns In The New Promo For Season 4, Episode 19: "Fury Rogue" (Comic Book Movie)
18-04-18 (03:08)   The Flash: Team Flash loses one of its own (EW.com)
18-04-18 (02:22)   'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Lose Yourself" (Comicbook.com)
18-04-18 (02:22)   'The Flash': Who Is Folded Man? (Comicbook.com)
17-04-18 (22:51)   'The Flash': Harry Has a New Plan to Defeat DeVoe in "Lose Yourself" Clip (Comicbook.com)
17-04-18 (21:51)   'The Flash': New "Lose Yourself" Preview Introduces The Folded Man (Comicbook.com)
17-04-18 (20:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 18 "Lose Yourself" Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
17-04-18 (10:45)   The Flash Spoilers: Mystery girl's role a 'big pay off' in season 4's finale (Spoilers Guide)
17-04-18 (05:36)   'Justice League' Star Ezra Miller Didn't Like the Flash Costume at First (Comicbook.com)
17-04-18 (03:51)   Tom Welling Denies 'The Flash' Cameo Rumor (Comicbook.com)
17-04-18 (03:47)   Five Things You Didn't Know About Carlos Valdes (TVOvermind)
16-04-18 (23:53)   Tom Welling teases Cain's latest Lucifer tricks and dispels a Flash rumor (Syfy Wire)
16-04-18 (23:14)   'The Flash' Episode 4.18 Photos: What's Harry Planning? (BuddyTV)
15-04-18 (01:22)   'The Flash': Will The Thinker Target Harry? (Comicbook.com)
14-04-18 (23:22)   'The Flash's Grant Gustin Is Flattered By Stewie's Crush On Him (Comicbook.com)
14-04-18 (22:51)   Grant Gustin Reveals He Doesn't Really Run as The Flash (Comicbook.com)
13-04-18 (18:34)   Why Did Simpsons Even Go 'There'? Is Black Lightning Super in Bed? Where Can We Buy a Beebo? And More TV Qs! (TVLine)
13-04-18 (09:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 20 "Therefore She Is" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
12-04-18 (22:15)   Israel Adesanya Has the Flash of Conor McGregor, but Does He Have the Skill? (Bleacher Report)
12-04-18 (18:24)   People keep challenging Flash's Grant Gustin to races, and he's actually pretty fast (Syfy Wire)
12-04-18 (18:14)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'Null and Annoyed'? (BuddyTV)
12-04-18 (15:23)   New Set Pictures Give Us Our First Look at the Familiar Heroes in DC's Titans (Gizmodo)
12-04-18 (03:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 18 "Lose Yourself" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
12-04-18 (00:41)   THE FLASH, Killer Frost, & Vibe Suit-Up In New Photos From Season 4, Episode 18: "Lose Yourself" (Comic Book Movie)
12-04-18 (00:14)   Will Cisco Leave the Team on 'The Flash'? (BuddyTV)
11-04-18 (23:22)   'The Flash': First Look at Folded Man in "Lose Yourself" Photos (Comicbook.com)
11-04-18 (19:59)   Harry Is up to Something on 'The Flash', But It's Not What You Think (BuddyTV)
11-04-18 (18:14)   Is The Flash Doomed to Repeat Itself? (IGN.com)
11-04-18 (17:34)   Ratings: Lethal Weapon and The Flash Return Low, New Girl Matches The Mick (TVLine)
11-04-18 (15:09)   Dwayne Johnson Thinks the Black Adam Movie Could Start Shooting Next Year (Gizmodo)
11-04-18 (11:57)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 4 Episode 17 (TV Fanatic)
11-04-18 (08:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 18 "Lose Yourself" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
11-04-18 (07:43)   The Flash Is Stuck in a Time Loop in Episode 17 (IGN.com)
11-04-18 (06:07)   The Flash returns with a gravity-defying adventure that turns surprisingly dark (Syfy Wire)
11-04-18 (05:36)   'The Flash': What's Going on With Harry After "Null and Annoyed"? (Comicbook.com)
11-04-18 (05:22)   'The Flash': Easter Eggs and Pop Culture References in "Null and Annoyed" (Comicbook.com)
11-04-18 (04:59)   'The Flash' Recap: Who Gets a Job Offer? (BuddyTV)
11-04-18 (04:51)   'The Flash': The Thinker's Master Plan Takes a Major Turn in "Null and Annoyed" (Comicbook.com)
11-04-18 (04:42)   The Flash: There's No Way Cisco Is Leaving -- Right?! (TVGuide.com)
11-04-18 (04:26)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Null and Annoyed (TV Fanatic)
11-04-18 (04:05)   'The Flash' Fans React to Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes' Cameo in "Null and Annoyed" (Comicbook.com)
11-04-18 (03:51)   'The Flash': Lose Yourself Preview Released (Comicbook.com)
11-04-18 (03:49)   The Flash Recap: The Gravity of the Situation ? Plus, Is [Spoiler] Leaving? (TVLine)
11-04-18 (03:12)   THE FLASH: Ralph Crosses A Line In The New Promo For Season 4, Episode 18: "Lose Yourself" (Comic Book Movie)
11-04-18 (02:22)   'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Null and Annoyed" (Comicbook.com)
11-04-18 (01:22)   'The Flash': Who Is Null? (Comicbook.com)
10-04-18 (22:22)   'The Flash' Drops Hilarious DC Comics Easter Egg in New "Null and Annoyed" Preview (Comicbook.com)
10-04-18 (16:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 "Null and Annoyed" Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
10-04-18 (15:03)   The Flash Sneak Peek: What Does Gypsy's Dad Want With Cisco? (TVLine)
10-04-18 (12:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 "Fury Rogue" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
10-04-18 (01:22)   Citizen Cold Returns in 'The Flash:' "Fury Rogue" (Comicbook.com)
10-04-18 (00:37)   The Flash: Will Cisco leave Team Flash? (EW.com)
09-04-18 (19:38)   Superpowers, mental health, and the problems of representation (Syfy Wire)
09-04-18 (15:09)   The Man Behind Luke Cage Has Hope for a Heroes for Hire Series (Gizmodo)
09-04-18 (14:41)   Greg Berlanti to Receive International Emmy Founders Award (Variety)
07-04-18 (14:45)   The Flash Spoilers: Star teases Breacher's return on 'Null & Annoyed' (Spoilers Guide)
06-04-18 (19:10)   'The Flash' Star Carlos Valdes Previews a 'Dark Secret' That Will Test a Core Relationship (Variety)
06-04-18 (17:08)   The Flash: Katee Sackhoff and writers discuss 'feminist figure' Amunet Black (EW.com)
06-04-18 (01:54)   Over 20 Photos from The Flash Episode 4.17, Null and Annoyed (ComingSoon.com)
05-04-18 (23:36)   'The Flash' Star on How the Fight Against Devoe Will Impact Harry (Comicbook.com)
05-04-18 (22:27)   BATMAN V SUPERMAN Director On What Happened To Wayne Manor & Whether Bruce's Vision Of The Flash Was Real (Comic Book Movie)
05-04-18 (17:12)   THE FLASH: Jay & Silent Bob Reunite In New Photos From Season 4, Episode 17: "Null And Annoyed" (Comic Book Movie)
05-04-18 (04:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 "Null and Annoyed" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
04-04-18 (22:51)   Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes Come to 'The Flash' in "Null and Annoyed" Photos (Comicbook.com)
04-04-18 (17:02)   DCEU's The Flash Solo Movie Might Not Be Called 'Flashpoint' After All (ScreenCrush)
04-04-18 (16:07)   THE FLASH's Candice Patton Discusses Iris West and SHETHORITY (Nerdist)
04-04-18 (15:23)   The Standalone Flash Movie Is Getting a Name Change (Gizmodo)
04-04-18 (06:36)   'The Flash': A Complete List of Season 4's Bus Metas (Comicbook.com)
04-04-18 (05:51)   'The Flash': Could the Mystery Girl Be From Another Earth? (Comicbook.com)
04-04-18 (02:00)   The Flash Movie Reportedly Won't Be Titled Flashpoint (IGN.com)
03-04-18 (23:00)   The CW Announces The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale Dates (IGN.com)
03-04-18 (00:53)   5 reasons it's time for Supernatural to finally cross over with the Arrowverse (Syfy Wire)
02-04-18 (21:38)   Dynasty, Arrow, The Flash, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend & More CW 2018-19 Season Renewals! (Seriable)
02-04-18 (21:28)   The CW Renews The Flash, Supernatural and Eight More (TVGuide.com)
02-04-18 (21:27)   The CW Renews Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, and 8 More Shows (Vulture)
02-04-18 (20:57)   The CW Renewals: Riverdale, Dynasty, The Flash & 7 More!!! (TV Fanatic)
02-04-18 (20:36)   'The Flash' Renewed for Season 5 (Comicbook.com)
02-04-18 (08:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 18 "Lose Yourself" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
31-03-18 (23:58)   ARROW, THE FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, SUPERGIRL, And BLACK LIGHTNING Likely To Be Renewed On The CW (Comic Book Movie)
30-03-18 (18:47)   The Flash S4E14 Review: "Subject 9" (TVOvermind)
29-03-18 (17:47)   The Flash S4E13 Review: "True Colors" (TVOvermind)
29-03-18 (16:22)   Rebirth Superman and The Flash Join the Chuck Taylor DC Comics Sneaker Collection (Comicbook.com)
29-03-18 (15:23)   A New Avengers: Infinity War Promo Has More Intriguing Clues About Thor (Gizmodo)
28-03-18 (18:51)   'Arrow,' 'The Flash,' 'Legends,' 'Supergirl,' 'Black Lightning' All Likely for Renewal on The CW (Comicbook.com)
28-03-18 (05:22)   'The Flash': Did the Season 4 Premiere Foreshadow the Mystery Girl's Identity? (Comicbook.com)
28-03-18 (02:22)   Former 'Wonder Woman,' 'The Flash' Artist William Messner-Loebs Reveals He Is Homeless (Comicbook.com)
28-03-18 (00:14)   Why Barry Should Have the Option of Returning to Work at the CCPD in 'The Flash' Season 4 (BuddyTV)
25-03-18 (03:17)   2018 Kids' Choice Awards Hottest Hunks: John Cena, Quincy Brown, Grant Gustin, & More (Hollywood Life)
23-03-18 (10:41)   New Arrowverse Synopses Tease The LEGENDS Finale, Kevin Smith's Episode Of THE FLASH, And More (Comic Book Movie)
23-03-18 (04:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 "Null and Annoyed" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
23-03-18 (04:05)   'The Flash's Candice Patton Plays Superhero Strip Poker in New Video (Comicbook.com)
22-03-18 (20:22)   Synopsis For Kevin Smith's 'The Flash' Episode, "Null and Annoyed," Released (Comicbook.com)
20-03-18 (18:25)   Meet the 'Flash Boys' of cryptocurrency looking to shakeup bitcoin futures trading (Business Insider)
19-03-18 (14:51)   'Family Guy': Stewie Has a Crush on 'The Flash's Grant Gustin (Comicbook.com)
19-03-18 (03:05)   'The Flash': Is the Mystery Girl Really the Reverse Flash? (Comicbook.com)
15-03-18 (22:51)   CW sets season finale dates for The Flash, Supernatural, and more (EW.com)
15-03-18 (22:45)   The CW Sets April and May Finale Dates for 'The Flash,' 'Supernatural' and More (BuddyTV)
15-03-18 (22:42)   Here's When Supernatural, The Flash and More CW Shows End Their Seasons (TVGuide.com)
15-03-18 (21:57)   The CW Sets Season Finale Dates for The Flash, Riverdale & MORE! (TV Fanatic)
15-03-18 (21:42)   The Flash's Candice Patton Wants a WestAllen Baby (TVGuide.com)
15-03-18 (21:34)   CW Sets Finale Dates for The Flash, Riverdale, Supernatural and 6 Others (TVLine)
15-03-18 (20:14)   Will Harry's Thinking Cap Turn Him into a Villain on 'The Flash'? (BuddyTV)
15-03-18 (12:45)   The Flash Spoilers: EP on why Iris' lightning is purple (Spoilers Guide)
14-03-18 (23:14)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'Run, Iris, Run'? (BuddyTV)
14-03-18 (17:45)   'The Flash' Adds 2 Familiar Metas: Meet Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss (BuddyTV)
14-03-18 (17:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 "Null and Annoyed" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
14-03-18 (14:25)   Barry's Full of Hot Air in New The Flash Promo (ComingSoon.com)
14-03-18 (14:23)   Updates on Avengers: Infinity War, Game of Thrones, and More (Gizmodo)
14-03-18 (11:12)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 4 Episode 16 (TV Fanatic)
14-03-18 (05:24)   Iris is the fearless speedster Central City needs in the latest Flash (Syfy Wire)
14-03-18 (05:00)   The Flash Gives Iris Her Time to Shine (IGN.com)
14-03-18 (04:05)   'The Flash': Iris Brings Back SPOILER in "Run Iris, Run" (Comicbook.com)
14-03-18 (03:51)   'The Flash' Takes Flight in "Null and Annoyed" Preview (Comicbook.com)
14-03-18 (03:45)   'The Flash' Recap: Can Iris Rescue Central City as a Speedster? (BuddyTV)
14-03-18 (03:22)   'The Flash': The Internet Reacts to "Run, Iris, Run" (Comicbook.com)
14-03-18 (03:22)   When Do 'Arrow' and 'The Flash' Return? (Comicbook.com)
14-03-18 (03:13)   'The Flash': Candice Patton and Todd Helbing on What's Next after "Run, Iris, Run" (Collider)
14-03-18 (03:12)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Run, Iris, Run (TV Fanatic)
14-03-18 (02:36)   'The Flash': The Last Two Bus Metas Are Revealed in "Run Iris, Run" (Comicbook.com)
14-03-18 (02:28)   The Flash: Here's Why Iris' Purple Lightning Matters (TVGuide.com)
14-03-18 (02:27)   THE FLASH: Barry Allen Falls To His Death In The New Promo For Season 4, Episode 17: "Null And Annoyed" (Comic Book Movie)
14-03-18 (02:16)   The Flash Introduces Superhero Iris: Everything To Know After "Run Iris Run" (E! Online)
14-03-18 (02:03)   The Flash Star, EP Talk Iris' Return to [Spoiler], Harry's 'Disastrous' Decision (TVLine)
14-03-18 (01:51)   'The Flash': Who Plays Jaco Birch? (Comicbook.com)
14-03-18 (01:51)   'The Flash': Who Plays Matthew Kim? (Comicbook.com)
14-03-18 (01:22)   'The Flash' Has a History of Iris West Suiting Up (Comicbook.com)
14-03-18 (01:22)   'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Run, Iris, Run" (Comicbook.com)
13-03-18 (22:05)   'The Flash': Harry Wells Builds His Own Thinking Cap in New "Run Iris, Run" Clip (Comicbook.com)
13-03-18 (20:51)   'The Flash': Iris Gets Barry's Powers in "Run Iris, Run" Clip (Comicbook.com)
13-03-18 (19:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 "Run Iris, Run" Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
13-03-18 (18:28)   'The Flash': Candice Patton on How Iris Has Evolved & Suiting Up as a Speedster (Collider)
13-03-18 (18:08)   The Flash exclusive clip: Wells tests a new toy to defeat the Thinker (EW.com)
13-03-18 (18:07)   The Flash executive producer shoots down Mystery Girl fan theories (Syfy Wire)
13-03-18 (14:03)   Flash's Candice Patton Previews Her 'Weird,' 'Challenging' Speedster Turn (TVLine)
13-03-18 (11:12)   THE FLASH's Executive Producer Todd Helbing Addresses Fan Theories About That Mystery Girl's Identity (Comic Book Movie)
13-03-18 (09:45)   The Flash Spoilers: Star previews "Run Iris, Run"; Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes to guest star (Spoilers Guide)
12-03-18 (23:14)   'The Flash' EP Claims Fans Still Haven't Figured Out the Identity of the Mystery Girl (BuddyTV)
12-03-18 (23:05)   'The Flash' EP Addresses Fan Theories on Mystery Girl's Identity (Comicbook.com)
12-03-18 (21:51)   Exclusive Clip: 'LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash' (Comicbook.com)
12-03-18 (20:24)   Watch the Atom grapple with his small stature in an exclusive clip from Lego DC Super Heroes: The Flash (Syfy Wire)
12-03-18 (20:20)   The Flash EP Reacts to 'Mystery Girl' Theories ? Could She Be [Spoiler]? (TVLine)
12-03-18 (20:11)   The Flash Boss Says Fans Haven't Guessed Mystery Girl's Identity (TVGuide.com)
12-03-18 (19:55)   'The Flash' Star Candice Patton on the 'Role Reversal' of Iris as a Speedster (Variety)
12-03-18 (17:14)   6 Things We Want to See When Iris Suits up on 'The Flash' (BuddyTV)
12-03-18 (17:07)   Jay And Silent Bob's Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes coming to The Flash (Syfy Wire)
12-03-18 (17:07)   TV THIS WEEK: Iris gets super-speed on The Flash, new The X-Files, S.H.I.E.L.D. and more (Syfy Wire)
12-03-18 (08:41)   Kevin Smith Teases His Upcoming Episode Of THE FLASH Entitled "Null & Annoyed" (Comic Book Movie)
11-03-18 (20:51)   Kevin Smith Teases His Upcoming Episode of 'The Flash' (Comicbook.com)
11-03-18 (19:05)   Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes to Appear on 'The Flash' (Comicbook.com)
10-03-18 (16:34)   Performer of the Week: This Is Us' Lyric Ross (TVLine)
09-03-18 (23:14)   The Greatest Superpower on 'The Flash' Is Barry's Brain, Not His Speed (BuddyTV)
09-03-18 (15:59)   'The Flash' Episode 4.16 Photos: Iris Suits Up (BuddyTV)
08-03-18 (23:14)   'The Flash': Will Jay Garrick Train the Mystery Girl to be His Replacement? (BuddyTV)
08-03-18 (19:45)   Why Jesse Quick Should Return to 'The Flash' More Often (BuddyTV)
08-03-18 (05:07)   Paul De Meo, screenwriter of The Rocketeer, dead at 64 (Syfy Wire)
08-03-18 (01:14)   Is 'The Flash' Mystery Girl a Hero or a Villain? (BuddyTV)
07-03-18 (22:28)   The Flash: The Speed Force Mystery Girl Is Back! (TVGuide.com)
07-03-18 (19:45)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'Enter Flashtime'? (BuddyTV)
07-03-18 (18:09)   Last Night's Flash Broke the Entire Premise of the Show in the Best Possible Way  (Gizmodo)
07-03-18 (17:42)   'The Flash': Who Is the Mystery Girl? [Updated] (Collider)
07-03-18 (12:26)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 4 Episode 15 (TV Fanatic)
07-03-18 (11:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 "Run Iris, Run" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
07-03-18 (07:22)   'The Flash': Has The Thinker Defeated His Own Purpose? (Comicbook.com)
07-03-18 (07:07)   The Flash vs. an exploding nuclear bomb in the latest, super-fast episode  (Syfy Wire)
07-03-18 (05:36)   'The Flash' Introduces a Memorable Green Arrow Villain in "Enter Flashtime" (Comicbook.com)
07-03-18 (05:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 "Run Iris, Run" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
07-03-18 (05:00)   The Flash: "Enter Flashtime" Review (IGN.com)
07-03-18 (04:51)   'The Flash': Which Speedster Could SPOILER Be Training? (Comicbook.com)
07-03-18 (04:28)   'The Flash' Recap: Can the Team Keep a Nuclear Bomb from Destroying Central City? (BuddyTV)
07-03-18 (04:26)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Enter Flashtime (TV Fanatic)
07-03-18 (04:22)   'The Flash': Could "Enter Flashtime" Be Part of The Thinker's Endgame? (Comicbook.com)
07-03-18 (04:05)   'The Flash': Iris Suits Up in "Run Iris, Run" Preview (Comicbook.com)
07-03-18 (03:58)   THE FLASH: Iris West-Allen Suits Up In The New Promo For Season 4, Episode 16: "Run, Iris, Run" (Comic Book Movie)
07-03-18 (03:51)   'The Flash's Mystery Girl Has a Surprise Encounter with SPOILER in "Enter Flashtime" (Comicbook.com)
07-03-18 (03:34)   The Flash, Slowing Things Down, Delivers Best Episode of the Season (TVLine)
07-03-18 (03:13)   The Flash - Episode 4.16 - Run Iris, Run - Promo, Promotional Photos, Poster + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
07-03-18 (03:13)   POLL : What did you think of The Flash - Enter Flashtime? (Spoiler TV)
07-03-18 (02:22)   'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Enter Flashtime" (Comicbook.com)
07-03-18 (00:51)   'The Flash': John Wesley Shipp Says He Thinks Jay Garrick Knew About Savitar (Comicbook.com)
07-03-18 (00:05)   'The Flash' Races Against the Clock in "Enter Flashtime" Clip (Comicbook.com)
06-03-18 (23:22)   'The Flash' Cast Sent Kevin Smith a Get Well Card Wishing Him a Speedy Recovery (Comicbook.com)
06-03-18 (22:36)   John Wesley Shipp On What Excites Him About Returning to 'The Flash' (Comicbook.com)
06-03-18 (21:51)   'The Flash' Tries to Stop a Nuclear Bomb in "Enter Flashtime" Preview (Comicbook.com)
06-03-18 (20:44)   The Flash - Episode 4.15 - Enter Flashtime - Promos, Inside The Episode, Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
06-03-18 (20:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 "Enter Flashtime" Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
06-03-18 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which is your favorite Harrison Wells from The Flash? (Spoiler TV)
06-03-18 (11:45)   The Flash Spoilers: Violett Beane previews Jesse Quick's return on 'Enter Flashtime' (Spoilers Guide)
06-03-18 (06:05)   'The Flash's John Wesley Shipp Explains How "Flashtime" Works (Comicbook.com)
06-03-18 (05:22)   'The Flash's Violett Beane on Appearing on 'Legends of Tomorrow' (Comicbook.com)
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05-03-18 (18:53)   TV THIS WEEK: Timeless returns, Star Wars Rebels series finale, S.H.I.E.LD.'s 100th episode, and more (Syfy Wire)
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02-03-18 (20:51)   Superhero Insider: Black Lightning, The Flash, Arrow finally return (EW.com)
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01-03-18 (00:22)   'The Flash' Reportedly Adding Three New Metahumans (Comicbook.com)
28-02-18 (20:17)   'This Is Us' & 'The Voice' Dip But Lead NBC To Easy Demo Win; 'The Flash' Ties Series Low (Deadline.com)
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28-02-18 (19:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 "Enter Flashtime" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
28-02-18 (17:34)   Ratings: NCIS, The Flash Tie Lows (TVLine)
28-02-18 (15:57)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 4 Episode 14 (TV Fanatic)
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28-02-18 (06:24)   Devoe strikes and the stakes have never been higher for Dibny in the latest Flash  (Syfy Wire)
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15-02-18 (04:24)   Objects in Space 2/14/18: We love what we love (Syfy Wire)
15-02-18 (01:51)   The Justice League Get a Joker Alert in New "LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash" Clip (Comicbook.com)
14-02-18 (21:24)   The Joker is a pie-throwing maniac in exclusive clip from Lego DC Super Heroes: The Flash (Syfy Wire)
14-02-18 (18:25)   The Flash Episode 4.14 Photos: Subject 9 (ComingSoon.com)
14-02-18 (12:13)   USD POLL : Do you believe Star Labs is featured too much on The Flash? (Spoiler TV)
14-02-18 (12:12)   The Fastest Man Alive Is Finally Back In These New Images From THE FLASH's Return Later This Month (Comic Book Movie)
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14-02-18 (02:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 "Subject 9" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
13-02-18 (21:51)   'The Flash' Meets The Fiddler in "Subject 9" Photos (Comicbook.com)
13-02-18 (00:07)   Potential Flashpoint directing team on why DC approached them and what it may mean for future DC films (Syfy Wire)
11-02-18 (03:36)   'The Flash': Is The Thinker Planning to Steal Barry's Body? (Comicbook.com)
11-02-18 (01:05)   Is Jesse Quick Returning to 'The Flash'? (Comicbook.com)
09-02-18 (20:37)   Superhero Insider: Villains rise and fall on Arrow, The Flash, and more (EW.com)
09-02-18 (13:02)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 "Subject 9" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
09-02-18 (07:16)   The Flash Spoilers: 'Glee' alum Max Adler cast in season 4 (Spoilers Guide)
09-02-18 (06:45)   [UPDATED] The Flash Spoilers: Iris West suits up as a speedster for March episode [PHOTOS] (Spoilers Guide)
09-02-18 (04:05)   'Arrow' Has a Surprise 'The Flash' Crossover in "The Devil's Greatest Trick" (Comicbook.com)
09-02-18 (01:51)   Ralph Dibny Fears For His Life in 'The Flash' Episode "Subject 9" (Comicbook.com)
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07-02-18 (20:14)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'True Colors'? (BuddyTV)
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07-02-18 (19:13)   The Flash - True Colors - Review (Spoiler TV)
07-02-18 (18:36)   'The Flash': Could The Thinker Be Targeting Ralph? (Comicbook.com)
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07-02-18 (11:02)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 "Subject 9" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
07-02-18 (10:58)   The Flash - Episode 4.16 - Run Iris, Run - Set Video (Spoiler TV)
07-02-18 (06:24)   Metahuman jailbreaks and massive twists in the latest Flash  (Syfy Wire)
07-02-18 (06:05)   'The Flash' Drops a Clever Reference to Elongated Man's Comic Origins in "True Colors" (Comicbook.com)
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07-02-18 (04:05)   'The Flash': SPOILER Has a Major Status Change in "True Colors" (Comicbook.com)

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