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19-02-18 (02:05)   'The Flash': Is The Thinker Really Still The Thinker? (Comicbook.com)
18-02-18 (23:51)   'The Flash': Get up and Go Extended Trailer Released (Comicbook.com)
18-02-18 (02:24)   WATCH: 7 Essential DC Power Couples (Syfy Wire)
17-02-18 (23:22)   'The Flash': Why The Thinker Might Be Targeting Ralph (Comicbook.com)
17-02-18 (09:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 "Enter Flashtime" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
16-02-18 (20:13)   The Flash - Episode 4.15 - Enter Flashtime - Press Release (Spoiler TV)
16-02-18 (18:44)   The Flash - Episode 4.17 - Title Revealed (Spoiler TV)
16-02-18 (09:45)   The Flash Season 4 "Get Up And Go" Trailer (Spoilers Guide)
15-02-18 (16:34)   The Arrowverse's Big Unmaskings, Ranked ? From A to Zoom (TVLine)
15-02-18 (04:24)   Objects in Space 2/14/18: We love what we love (Syfy Wire)
15-02-18 (01:51)   The Justice League Get a Joker Alert in New "LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash" Clip (Comicbook.com)
14-02-18 (21:24)   The Joker is a pie-throwing maniac in exclusive clip from Lego DC Super Heroes: The Flash (Syfy Wire)
14-02-18 (18:25)   The Flash Episode 4.14 Photos: Subject 9 (ComingSoon.com)
14-02-18 (12:13)   USD POLL : Do you believe Star Labs is featured too much on The Flash? (Spoiler TV)
14-02-18 (12:12)   The Fastest Man Alive Is Finally Back In These New Images From THE FLASH's Return Later This Month (Comic Book Movie)
14-02-18 (04:05)   When do 'Supergirl,' 'Riverdale,' 'Black Lightning,' 'The Flash,' and 'Arrow' Return? (Comicbook.com)
14-02-18 (02:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 "Subject 9" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
13-02-18 (21:51)   'The Flash' Meets The Fiddler in "Subject 9" Photos (Comicbook.com)
13-02-18 (19:58)   The Flash - Episode 4.14 - Subject 9 - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
13-02-18 (00:07)   Potential Flashpoint directing team on why DC approached them and what it may mean for future DC films (Syfy Wire)
11-02-18 (03:36)   'The Flash': Is The Thinker Planning to Steal Barry's Body? (Comicbook.com)
11-02-18 (01:05)   Is Jesse Quick Returning to 'The Flash'? (Comicbook.com)
09-02-18 (20:37)   Superhero Insider: Villains rise and fall on Arrow, The Flash, and more (EW.com)
09-02-18 (13:02)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 "Subject 9" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
09-02-18 (07:16)   The Flash Spoilers: 'Glee' alum Max Adler cast in season 4 (Spoilers Guide)
09-02-18 (06:45)   [UPDATED] The Flash Spoilers: Iris West suits up as a speedster for March episode [PHOTOS] (Spoilers Guide)
09-02-18 (04:05)   'Arrow' Has a Surprise 'The Flash' Crossover in "The Devil's Greatest Trick" (Comicbook.com)
09-02-18 (01:51)   Ralph Dibny Fears For His Life in 'The Flash' Episode "Subject 9" (Comicbook.com)
08-02-18 (23:14)   Is DeVoe's Wife the Key to Taking Down The Thinker on 'The Flash'? (BuddyTV)
07-02-18 (20:14)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'True Colors'? (BuddyTV)
07-02-18 (19:36)   TV Ratings: 'The Flash' and 'Black Lightning' Slip on Tuesday (Comicbook.com)
07-02-18 (19:13)   The Flash - True Colors - Review (Spoiler TV)
07-02-18 (18:36)   'The Flash': Could The Thinker Be Targeting Ralph? (Comicbook.com)
07-02-18 (15:54)   Promos for the Next Episodes of The Flash and Black Lightning (ComingSoon.com)
07-02-18 (11:02)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 "Subject 9" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
07-02-18 (10:58)   The Flash - Episode 4.16 - Run Iris, Run - Set Video (Spoiler TV)
07-02-18 (06:24)   Metahuman jailbreaks and massive twists in the latest Flash  (Syfy Wire)
07-02-18 (06:05)   'The Flash' Drops a Clever Reference to Elongated Man's Comic Origins in "True Colors" (Comicbook.com)
07-02-18 (05:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 "Subject 9" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
07-02-18 (05:00)   The Flash: "True Colors" Review (IGN.com)
07-02-18 (04:36)   'The Flash' Faces the Music in "Subject 9" Preview (Comicbook.com)
07-02-18 (04:28)   'The Flash' Recap: Can Ralph's New Ability Help Save Barry? (BuddyTV)
07-02-18 (04:26)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 Review: True Colors (TV Fanatic)
07-02-18 (04:05)   'The Flash': SPOILER Has a Major Status Change in "True Colors" (Comicbook.com)
07-02-18 (03:57)   The Flash: Barry is Running Home to Iris! (TVGuide.com)
07-02-18 (03:51)   'The Flash': The Thinker Takes on a New Face in 'True Colors' (Comicbook.com)
07-02-18 (03:49)   The Flash Recap: Things Just Got Really Weird, But in a Most Wonderful Way (TVLine)
07-02-18 (03:36)   'The Flash': Who Dies in "True Colors"? (Comicbook.com)
07-02-18 (03:27)   THE FLASH: Ralph Gets Really Into Country Music In The New Promo For Season 4, Episode 13: "Subject 9" (Comic Book Movie)
07-02-18 (03:13)   POLL : What did you think of The Flash - True Colors? (Spoiler TV)
07-02-18 (02:22)   'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "True Colors" (Comicbook.com)
07-02-18 (00:51)   Does 'Black Lightning' Share a Tailor With 'The Flash's Villains? (Comicbook.com)
06-02-18 (22:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 "True Colors" Sneak Peek #1 (Spoilers Guide)
06-02-18 (22:13)   The Flash - Episode 4.13 - True Colors - Promo, Sneak Peeks, Inside The Episode, Promotional Photos + Press Release (Spoiler TV)
06-02-18 (20:51)   Exclusive 'The Flash' Clip: Elongated Man Discovers A New Power (Comicbook.com)
06-02-18 (17:39)   Barry Busts Out of Iron Heights in The Flash Photos (ComingSoon.com)
06-02-18 (05:36)   'The Flash': Could Iris Be Pregnant? (Comicbook.com)
06-02-18 (00:16)   The Flash S4E12 Review: "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" (TVOvermind)
05-02-18 (23:44)   The Flash - Season 4 - BTS Set Photos *Updated 5th February 2018* (Spoiler TV)
05-02-18 (04:45)   'The Flash' Episode 4.13 Photos: The Iron Heights' Metas (BuddyTV)
04-02-18 (01:51)   'The Flash': Could Cecile's Powers Be Tied to The Thinker? (Comicbook.com)
03-02-18 (18:36)   Kevin Smith Shares 'The Flash' Behind-the-Scenes Photo (Comicbook.com)
03-02-18 (01:41)   The Flash's 25 Best Villains (So Far), Ranked (GameSpot)
02-02-18 (20:03)   Is Riverdale's Dark Betty Story Icky? Did The Good Place Make Petite Erreur? Is SVU College Cursed? And More TV Qs! (TVLine)
02-02-18 (01:22)   Kevin Smith Teases Danny Trejo's 'The Flash' Return With New BTS Photo (Comicbook.com)
01-02-18 (18:14)   Barry's Prison Stint Is Breathing New Life into 'The Flash' (BuddyTV)
01-02-18 (11:12)   THE FLASH: Barry Allen Finds Some Unlikely Allies As The Scarlet Speedster Plots A Prison Break (Comic Book Movie)
01-02-18 (06:13)   The Flash - Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash -Review (Spoiler TV)
01-02-18 (05:51)   All The DC Heroes and Villains Who Came Back in 'The Flash Annual' #1 (Comicbook.com)
01-02-18 (05:05)   'The Flash': How Come We Haven't Had Any More "Flash Days"? (Comicbook.com)
01-02-18 (03:16)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 "True Colors" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
01-02-18 (01:29)   The Flash Annual #1 Review (IGN.com)
01-02-18 (00:14)   Is 'The Flash' Really Ready for That Big Reveal? (BuddyTV)
31-01-18 (23:05)   'The Flash': Barry Faces a New Challenge in "True Colors" Photos (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (22:27)   Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Tuesday 30th January 2018 (Spoiler TV)
31-01-18 (21:51)   Get Up and Go With New 'The Flash' Trailer (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (19:51)   TV Ratings: 'Black Lightning,' 'The Flash' Thunderous on Tuesday Night (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (18:59)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash'? (BuddyTV)
31-01-18 (17:57)   TV Ratings Report: The Flash & Black Lightning Surge (TV Fanatic)
31-01-18 (17:42)   The Lesson 'The Flash' Should Learn from Iris West (Collider)
31-01-18 (17:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 "True Colors" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
31-01-18 (15:25)   Barry Plans a Prison Break in The Flash 'True Colors' Promo (ComingSoon.com)
31-01-18 (15:13)   Ratings News - 31st January 2018 (Spoiler TV)
31-01-18 (15:07)   Mattel Reveals BATMAN FOREVER and '90s TV FLASH Action Figures (Nerdist)
31-01-18 (12:12)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 4 Episode 12 (TV Fanatic)
31-01-18 (07:05)   'The Flash's' Tom Cavanagh Found a Way to Hack the Show (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (06:24)   Honey, we shrunk Dibny and Cisco in the latest episode of The Flash (Syfy Wire)
31-01-18 (04:28)   'The Flash' Recap: Barry's Decision to Help Big Sir Lands Him in Serious Trouble (BuddyTV)
31-01-18 (04:12)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash (TV Fanatic)
31-01-18 (04:05)   'The Flash': Will Joe and Cecile's Baby Be SPOILER? (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (03:51)   'The Flash' Plans an Unlikely Escape in "True Colors" Preview (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (03:41)   THE FLASH: Barry Allen Plans A Prison Break In The New Promo For Season 4, Episode 13: "True Colors" (Comic Book Movie)
31-01-18 (03:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 "True Colors" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
31-01-18 (03:14)   The Flash: "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" Review (IGN.com)
31-01-18 (03:13)   POLL : What did you think of The Flash - Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash? (Spoiler TV)
31-01-18 (03:11)   The Flash: Did Barry Just Blow His Secret Identity? (TVGuide.com)
31-01-18 (03:05)   'The Flash': Barry's Secret Revealed to SPOILER (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (03:05)   'The Flash': Could Joe and Cecile's Baby Be the Mystery Girl? (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (03:03)   The Flash Recap: Tiny Giggles Can't Cover Up a Bigger Season 4 Problem (TVLine)
31-01-18 (02:22)   'The Flash': Who Is Dwarfstar? (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (02:22)   Tonight's 'The Flash' Has a Weird Tie to 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (02:22)   'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" (Comicbook.com)
31-01-18 (02:05)   'The Flash': SPOILER Gets Powers in "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" (Comicbook.com)
30-01-18 (22:51)   Team Flash Helps Big Sir in New 'The Flash' Video (Comicbook.com)
30-01-18 (22:05)   'The Flash': Cisco Is Thinking About Bulbasaur in New "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" Clip (Comicbook.com)
30-01-18 (21:27)   The Flash - Episode 4.12 - Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash - Promos, Sneak Peek, Inside The Episode, Promotional Photos & Press Release (Spoiler TV)
30-01-18 (21:24)   Casting roundup: The Flash finds a pyro and Richard Dreyfuss goes to space (Syfy Wire)
30-01-18 (19:59)   Why Is Iris Suiting up on 'The Flash'? (BuddyTV)
30-01-18 (16:22)   'Justice League': New The Flash Poster Revealed (Comicbook.com)
30-01-18 (15:40)   There's Already Rumors About the Identity of a Fourth Cloverfield Movie  (Gizmodo)
30-01-18 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 30th January 2018 (Spoiler TV)
29-01-18 (23:16)   The Flash S4E11 Review: "The Elongated Knight Rises" (TVOvermind)
29-01-18 (23:05)   'The Flash's Cisco Writes a Touching in Memoriam for Beebo (Comicbook.com)
29-01-18 (21:22)   'Glee's Max Adler To Play Pyro Villain On 'The Flash' (Comicbook.com)
29-01-18 (18:45)   'The Flash' Episode 4.12 Photos: Team Flash Goes Miniature (BuddyTV)
28-01-18 (18:20)   Quotes of the Week: Grey's Anatomy, Star Trek, Flash, SAG Awards and More (TVLine)
28-01-18 (11:44)   Top Posts of the Week - 28th January 2018 (Spoiler TV)
28-01-18 (02:05)   'The Flash': Could the Mystery Girl Really Be SPOILER? (Comicbook.com)
27-01-18 (23:51)   Does This 'The Flash' Background Detail Connect to Barry's Time in the Speed Force? (Comicbook.com)
27-01-18 (20:22)   Kevin Smith Shares Look at Script for His Third Episode of 'The Flash' (Comicbook.com)
27-01-18 (15:58)   Picture That - Review the weeks TV with an Image, Meme or GIF - 27th January 2018 (Spoiler TV)
27-01-18 (12:13)   USD POLL : Do you think the Caitlin/Killer Frost storyline on The Flash is the most inconsistent? (Spoiler TV)
27-01-18 (04:27)   THE FLASH: Title Of Season 4 Episode 16 has Been Revealed! (Comic Book Movie)
26-01-18 (22:36)   'Riverdale,' 'The Flash,' and 'Arrow' Take a Week Off in Mid-February (Comicbook.com)
26-01-18 (00:22)   SPOILER to Suit Up on 'The Flash' This Season (Comicbook.com)
25-01-18 (18:08)   Spoiler Room: Scoop on The Flash, Once Upon a Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more (EW.com)
25-01-18 (11:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 12 "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
25-01-18 (05:51)   Mark Hamill's Daughter Had a Secret Cameo in This Week's 'The Flash' (Comicbook.com)
25-01-18 (02:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 12 "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
25-01-18 (00:27)   THE FLASH: Joe Has A New Problem In New Photos From Season 4, Episode 12: "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" (Comic Book Movie)
25-01-18 (00:14)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'The Elongated Knight Rises'? (BuddyTV)
24-01-18 (23:44)   Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Tuesday 23rd January 2018 (Spoiler TV)
24-01-18 (22:51)   'The Flash': "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" Photos Released (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (19:59)   Who Is 'The Flash' Mystery Girl? Dawn Allen vs. Jenni Ognats (BuddyTV)
24-01-18 (19:36)   TV Ratings: 'The Flash' Slows Down on Tuesday, 'Black Lightning' Stays Strong (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (19:01)   The Top Five "The Flash" Fan Theories Going Around Right Now (TVOvermind)
24-01-18 (17:28)   'The Flash': Who Is the Mystery Girl? (Collider)
24-01-18 (16:53)   CW boss puts a cap on the number of Arrowverse shows that can air at the same time (Syfy Wire)
24-01-18 (15:47)   The Flash S4E10 Review: "The Trial of The Flash" (TVOvermind)
24-01-18 (15:23)   New Flash Set Pictures Reveal a Surprising Character Is Suiting Up (Gizmodo)
24-01-18 (14:58)   Ratings News - 24th January 2018 (Spoiler TV)
24-01-18 (12:12)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 4 Episode 11 (TV Fanatic)
24-01-18 (05:53)   With Barry behind bars, Elongated Man becomes Central City's new hero (Syfy Wire)
24-01-18 (05:36)   'The Flash': Easter Eggs and Pop Culture References in "The Elongated Knight Rises" (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (05:14)   The Flash: "The Elongated Knight Rises" Review (IGN.com)
24-01-18 (04:51)   Did 'The Flash' Just Take a Shot at Harley Quinn? (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (04:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 12 "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
24-01-18 (04:22)   A 'Legends of Tomorrow' Favorite Comes to 'The Flash' in "The Elongated Knight Rises" (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (04:14)   'The Flash' Recap: Does Ralph Rise up to Stop the Trickster and Prank? (BuddyTV)
24-01-18 (04:12)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 Review: The Elongated Knight Rises (TV Fanatic)
24-01-18 (04:11)   The Flash: Who Is the Mystery Girl Writing in Speed Force Code? (TVGuide.com)
24-01-18 (03:59)   'The Flash' Recap: "The Elongated Knight Rises" - This Campy Stuff Is a Real Stretch (Collider)
24-01-18 (03:49)   The Flash Recap: Doing a Stretch ? Plus, [Spoiler] Returns! (TVLine)
24-01-18 (03:41)   THE FLASH: The Team Gets Miniaturized In The New Promo For Season 4, Episode 12: "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" (Comic Book Movie)
24-01-18 (03:36)   'The Flash' Connects Two Season-Long Mysteries With Surprise Cameo (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (03:36)   'The Flash': "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" Preview Released (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (03:13)   POLL : What did you think of The Flash - The Elongated Knight Rises? (Spoiler TV)
24-01-18 (03:05)   'The Flash' Clarifies The Status of The Trickster in "The Elongated Knight Rises" (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (02:58)   THE FLASH Set Pics Reveal That Candice Patton's Iris West Will Be Donning A Superhero Costume Of Her Own (Comic Book Movie)
24-01-18 (02:38)   CW boss reveals the finite number of Arrowverse shows that can air concurrently (Syfy Wire)
24-01-18 (02:22)   'The Flash': Who is Prank? (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (02:22)   'The Flash': Who Plays Big Sir? (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (02:22)   'The Flash': Who is Big Sir? (Comicbook.com)
24-01-18 (02:22)   'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "The Elongated Knight Rises" (Comicbook.com)
23-01-18 (23:05)   New 'the Flash' Clip Shows Bill Goldberg as Big Sir (Comicbook.com)
23-01-18 (22:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 "The Elongated Knight Rises" Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
23-01-18 (22:13)   The Flash - Episode 4.11 - The Elongated Knight Rises - Promos, Sneak Peeks, Inside The Episode, Promotional Photos & Press Release (Spoiler TV)
23-01-18 (22:05)   'The Flash': Go Inside "The Elongated Knight Rises" With New Video (Comicbook.com)
23-01-18 (21:36)   'The Flash': Ralph Dibny Needs a Superhero Name in "The Elongated Knight Rises" Clip (Comicbook.com)
23-01-18 (21:13)   Exclusive 'The Flash' Clip Shows Barry Adjusting to Prison Life with the WWE's Bill Goldberg (Collider)
23-01-18 (20:53)   WATCH: The women of the Arrowverse on strong female characters and, of course, #AvaLance (Syfy Wire)
23-01-18 (19:16)   The Rise of Iris West and Candice Patton: How The Flash's Leading Lady Is Taking Charge On and Off Screen (E! Online)
23-01-18 (11:13)   POLL : What are you watching Tonight? - 23rd January 2018 (Spoiler TV)
22-01-18 (18:59)   'The Flash' Episode 4.11 Photos: The Flash is Locked Up, Now What? (BuddyTV)
20-01-18 (19:05)   Grant Gustin Shares That Even The Flash Gets Tired (Comicbook.com)
20-01-18 (08:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 "True Colors" Guide (Spoilers Guide)
19-01-18 (22:43)   The Flash's Kid Flash Joins DC's Legends of Tomorrow (IGN.com)
19-01-18 (19:57)   Keiynan Lonsdale Leaves The Flash for Legends of Tomorrow (TVGuide.com)
19-01-18 (19:51)   'The Flash' Faces Amunet Black Again in "True Colors" (Comicbook.com)
19-01-18 (19:13)   Legends of Tomorrow - Season 3 - Keiynan Lonsdale Joins Cast as Series Regular (Spoiler TV)
19-01-18 (19:03)   The Flash's Keiynan Lonsdale Moving to Legends of Tomorrow as Series Regular (TVLine)
18-01-18 (20:07)   Firsts: The first musical episode of a sci-fi TV show isn't what you think (Syfy Wire)
18-01-18 (05:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 "The Elongated Knight Rises" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
18-01-18 (04:22)   'The Flash' Gets a New Ability in "The Trial of The Flash" (Comicbook.com)
18-01-18 (01:53)   The Flash just name-dropped Earth-15. Here's what that could mean for the Arrowverse (Syfy Wire)
18-01-18 (00:53)   Elongated Man finally gets some new superhero duds on The Flash (Syfy Wire)
17-01-18 (23:14)   'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'The Trial of the Flash'? (BuddyTV)
17-01-18 (22:22)   First Look at WWE's Goldberg on 'The Flash' (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (22:05)   'The Flash': Ralph Dibny Gets a New Costume in "The Elongated Knight Rises" Photos (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (21:49)   Corporate's Anne Dudek Remembers Jobs on ER, House, Bones and More (TVLine)
17-01-18 (21:31)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 "The Elongated Knight Rises" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
17-01-18 (21:20)   The Flash Photos: Ralph Dibny Gets Upgraded Suit to Battle New Trickster (TVLine)
17-01-18 (21:12)   THE FLASH: Ralph Dibny Gets A New Costume In These Promo Images For "The Elongated Knight Rises" (Comic Book Movie)
17-01-18 (18:59)   3 Reasons Not to Mourn the Ending of 'The Trial of the Flash' (BuddyTV)
17-01-18 (18:28)   'The Flash': Barry's on Lockdown, So Another Hero Rises in a New Trailer (Collider)
17-01-18 (15:39)   Elongated Man Protects Central City in The Flash Episode 4.11 Promo (ComingSoon.com)
17-01-18 (13:43)   Watch The Flash Online: Season 4 Episode 10 (TV Fanatic)
17-01-18 (06:45)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 "The Elongated Knight Rises" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
17-01-18 (06:38)   The trial of Barry Allen does not go well in the latest Flash (Syfy Wire)
17-01-18 (04:29)   The Flash: "The Trial of the Flash" Review (IGN.com)
17-01-18 (04:28)   'The Flash' Winter Premiere Recap: Is Barry Found Guilty of Murdering DeVoe? (BuddyTV)
17-01-18 (04:26)   The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Review: The Trial of The Flash (TV Fanatic)
17-01-18 (03:59)   'The Flash' Recap: "The Trial of The Flash" - Murder in the First (Collider)
17-01-18 (03:51)   'The Flash': The Trickster Returns in "The Elongated Knight Rises" Promo (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (03:42)   The Flash: Barry's Murder Trial Doesn't Go as Expected (TVGuide.com)
17-01-18 (03:36)   The Trial of The Flash Verdict Revealed (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (03:34)   The Flash Recap: A Criminal Defense (TVLine)
17-01-18 (03:27)   THE FLASH: A New Hero Rises In The Promo For Season 4, Episode 11: "The Elongated Knight Rises" (Comic Book Movie)
17-01-18 (03:22)   'The Flash': How "The Trial of The Flash" Compares to the Comic Storyline (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (03:13)   POLL : What did you think of The Flash - The Trial of The Flash? (Spoiler TV)
17-01-18 (03:05)   'The Flash' Recap With Spoilers: "The Trial of the Flash" (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (02:51)   'The Flash': Who is Fallout? (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (02:22)   'The Flash': Who Plays Anton Slater? (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (00:22)   'The Flash': Go Inside "The Trial Of The Flash" With New Video (Comicbook.com)
17-01-18 (00:13)   The Flash - Episode 4.10 - The Trial of The Flash - Promos, Sneak Peeks, Inside The Episode, Promotional Photos & Press Release (Spoiler TV)
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