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21-04-24 (00:13)   Jesse L. Martin's NBC Crime Procedural Is Worth Tuning in For (Collider)
17-04-24 (00:29)   Grant Gustin Says He and James Gunn Have DM'd - but Only About 'Superman' (TheWrap.com)
16-04-24 (22:43)   Grant Gustin on Life After 'The Flash' and Hitting Broadway: 'It's Not About Being Perfect' (TheWrap.com)
16-04-24 (20:24)   Why Grant Gustin Loves the Scary Parts of Starring in a Broadway Musical (Variety)
02-04-24 (22:00)   Ezra Miller Loses Role In Prime Video's Invincible (Game Rant)
30-03-24 (21:28)   The Flash Alum Violett Bean Reflects On Quitting Her Restaurant Job To Join Grant Gustin's Superhero Series (Cinemabled)
28-03-24 (13:46)   Dragon's Dogma 2 Puts a Fun Spin on a Tired Trope (Game Rant)
22-03-24 (13:59)   The Flash's Tom Cavanagh Knows Fans Want Grant Gustin In The DCU, But He Has A Better Idea (Cinemabled)
22-03-24 (03:10)   'Water for Elephants' Review: Broadway Musical and Circus Merge for Spellbinding Entertainment (Variety)
20-03-24 (20:15)   Why The Obvious Direction for Injustice 3 is Also The Wrong One (Game Rant)
19-03-24 (12:13)   USD POLL : Do you miss the show The Flash? (Spoiler TV)
18-03-24 (21:45)   After The Flash (And The Oscars), Would Michael Keaton Play Batman Again? Here's What He Said (Cinemabled)
07-03-24 (20:15)   James Gunn Wants To Work With The Flash Actor Grant Gustin One Day (Game Rant)
04-03-24 (15:16)   The Flash's Grant Gustin and Wife LA Thoma Expecting Baby No. 2 (E! Online)
04-03-24 (05:03)   Grant Gustin All Smiles as Wife LA Thoma Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2 (AceShowbiz.com)
27-02-24 (20:03)   'Water For Elephants' Musical Starring Grant Gustin Begins Previews With A Strong Early Showing - Broadway Box Office (Deadline.com)
27-02-24 (18:03)   Grant Gustin: I Would Play The Flash Again 'If James Gunn Asked Me' (TVLine)
26-02-24 (02:14)   Grant Gustin Addressed A Question About Reprising The Flash For James Gunn, And I Already Know What I'd Want To See As An Arrowverse Fan (Cinemabled)
24-02-24 (16:13)   '9-1-1' Season 7 Casts a 'Vampire Diaries' and 'The Flash' Star (Collider)
24-02-24 (01:20)   9-1-1 Taps The Flash Vet Rick Cosnett to Play Cruise Director in Season 7 (TVLine)
24-02-24 (00:03)   '9-1-1' Adds Rick Cosnett To Season 7 Cast (Deadline.com)
18-02-24 (20:54)   CW Boss Claims Superman & Lois Died For James Gunn's Man of Steel (Gizmodo)
10-02-24 (22:36)   The Flash: How DC Comics Poked Fun At The Arrowverse Show's Big Villain Problem (Looper)
08-02-24 (15:09)   Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Earned My Respect Faster Than The Flash (Twinfinite.net)
02-02-24 (21:45)   'I Was Terrified': Katee Sackhoff Recalls Pushback She Got Over The Accent She Used For Her Character On The Flash (Cinemabled)
01-02-24 (20:45)   The Flash's Jesse L. Martin Explained Why He's Hyped For Grant Gustin's Next Big Project, And It's So Heartwarming (Cinemabled)
29-01-24 (17:42)   Jesse L. Martin Promises 'The Irrational' Will Provide Answers This Season (Collider)
27-01-24 (01:49)   The Irrational's Jesse L. Martin Tees Up the Show's Long-Awaited Return, Answers in Alec's Bombing Mystery (TVLine)
26-01-24 (23:43)   How Jesse L. Martin's 'The Irrational' inspired him to 'profusely thank' his former teacher (New York Post)
26-01-24 (23:02)   'The Irrational': Jesse L. Martin on Bombing Answers & Alec's Complicated Relationship With Ex-Wife Marisa (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
25-01-24 (18:43)   See Darkseid kick seven shades of super out of Batman, the Flash, and other DC heroes (GamesRadar)
25-01-24 (00:42)   'The Flash's Awful Christopher Reeve Cameo Somehow Got Worse (Collider)
23-01-24 (03:58)   Christopher Reeve's children have not seen 'The Flash', had no involvement in cameo (NME.COM)
19-01-24 (00:11)   Flash's New Origin Ties Him to a Major Villain - & Reveals a Stunning Betrayal (Screen Rant)
15-01-24 (03:42)   10 Best TV Hero/Villain Duos, Ranked (Screen Rant)
15-01-24 (02:25)   Flash Showcases a Heartbreaking New Twist on His Healing Factor (Screen Rant)
13-01-24 (00:25)   Nicolas Cage Admits He Was Perplexed By His Superman's CGI Appearance In The Flash: "To Me It Didn't Look Right" (Screen Rant)
12-01-24 (02:59)   'I Was Just Perplexed': Nicolas Cage Clarifies Feelings On How His Superman Cameo In The Flash Was Handled (Cinemabled)
08-01-24 (22:04)   Aquaman 2 Swims Past The Flash At The Box Office, But Is That Enough? (SlashFilm)
08-01-24 (20:15)   Aquaman 2 Box Office Gross Passes Ezra Miller's The Flash Movie (Game Rant)
08-01-24 (18:25)   The Flash Is Front & Center In Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths - Part One Clip (Screen Rant)
07-01-24 (23:11)   "A Labyrinth of Doorways": Flash's New Teleportation Powers Have a Huge Advantage Over His Speed (Screen Rant)
07-01-24 (19:59)   'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's Global Box Office Haul Passes 'The Flash' (Collider)
07-01-24 (08:46)   Best DC Comics Romances (Game Rant)
07-01-24 (05:36)   Who Is Cobalt Blue: Everything You Need To Know About The Flash's Evil Twin (Looper)
05-01-24 (23:42)   "A Child of Painful Potential and Unsurpassed Will": DC Confirms the God-Level Power of Flash's Daughter (Screen Rant)
05-01-24 (03:13)   10 Best Team Flash Members in 'The Flash,' Ranked (Collider)
05-01-24 (00:42)   "Why Do the Statues Change When I Look Away?": DC Introduces Its Own Take on Doctor Who's Most Iconic Horror (Screen Rant)
04-01-24 (02:15)   Best DC Movie Moments Of 2023 (Game Rant)
04-01-24 (01:56)   Flash's Speed Can't Beat DC's New Anti-Speedster Weapon (Screen Rant)
30-12-23 (14:11)   10 Overlooked Positives Of Watching The Flash's Impressive 9 Season Run Now That It's Over (Screen Rant)
25-12-23 (21:11)   Batman's Worst Day Was Fixed By The Flash's Worst Enemy (Screen Rant)
25-12-23 (02:42)   Barry Allen Just Proved He's the Best Flash by Inventing a Better Version of the Bat-Signal (Screen Rant)
22-12-23 (22:11)   10 Most Disturbing Moments In All 9 Seasons Of The Flash (Screen Rant)
21-12-23 (19:59)   'The Flash's Best Villain Changed the Show for the Better (Collider)
18-12-23 (23:34)   Is Rent a Christmas Movie? Jesse L. Martin Decides the Matter for Good — Watch (TVLine)
18-12-23 (22:41)   George Clooney Says There's 'Not Enough Drugs in the World' to Get Him to Play Batman Again, Even After 'The Flash' Cameo (Variety)
18-12-23 (19:42)   10 Most Brutal Deaths In All 9 Seasons Of The Flash (Screen Rant)
18-12-23 (12:56)   George Clooney's Batman Return Gets A Brutally Blunt Response 6 Months After The Flash Cameo (Screen Rant)
18-12-23 (03:42)   Flash's Experimental New Status Quo Shines in Trippy Official Art (Screen Rant)
17-12-23 (15:46)   Every DC Game Where The Flash Is Playable (Game Rant)
16-12-23 (22:11)   Reverse-Flash Gets a Terrifying Redesign Worthy of the Movies (Screen Rant)
16-12-23 (18:29)   The Flash Star Grant Gustin Recreates Famous Meme With Fans At Event (Game Rant)
16-12-23 (16:29)   Batgirl Directors Adil El Arbi And Bilall Fallah React To The Flash (Game Rant)
15-12-23 (19:24)   The Worst Movies of 2023 (Variety)
15-12-23 (16:56)   "Many Times the Speed of Light": Marvel's Fastest Hero Makes Flash Look Like an Underachiever (Screen Rant)
14-12-23 (21:56)   The Flash Broke James Gunn's Gratuitous Cameos Rule, But Not The Way You Think (Screen Rant)
14-12-23 (13:01)   DC Studios head James Gunn forgets The Flash exists, roasts pointless cameos in comic book movies (VG247)
13-12-23 (15:28)   Will George Clooney Play Batman Again After The Flash? Here's His Honest Take (Cinemabled)
12-12-23 (15:08)   George Clooney jokes that his cameo in The Flash was a one-time thing (JoBlo.com)
12-12-23 (14:42)   Grant Gustin Confirms He Was Never Contacted About A Cameo For The Flash Movie (Screen Rant)
12-12-23 (06:04)   George Clooney Jokes That Batman Cameo in 'The Flash' Was a One-Time Occurrence: "Somehow There Were Not A Lot of Requests" (Hollywood Reporter)
12-12-23 (01:28)   The Flash's Kiersey Clemons Explains How Working On Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters Following The DCEU Movie Is 'Really Gratifying' (Cinemabled)
11-12-23 (18:25)   "You've Used Super-Speed to Access a Spirit Realm!": Flash Finally Explains What His New Power Actually Does - & It's Not Dimensional Travel (Screen Rant)
11-12-23 (03:56)   DC Revealed The Real Reason Superman Will Never Outrace Flash (Screen Rant)
10-12-23 (05:11)   DC Finally Admits the Truth About Flash's Speed Force - Now Fans Can Stop Fighting (Screen Rant)
08-12-23 (23:42)   Flash Just Became DC's Darkest Hero, As His Full Powers Are Finally Revealed (Screen Rant)
07-12-23 (23:56)   "The Faster I Run, the More Inhuman I Become": Flash's Speed Force Has a Secret Dark Power that Transforms Speedsters (Screen Rant)
06-12-23 (20:42)   Flash's New Codename Reveals His True Importance to the DC Universe (Screen Rant)
06-12-23 (03:11)   DC Just Turned Flash's Most Underrated Villain into One of His Best Ever (Screen Rant)
05-12-23 (17:25)   10 Reasons Grant Gustin's The Flash Still Holds Up 10 Years After His Arrowverse Debut (Screen Rant)
04-12-23 (19:25)   "The Best Flash": The Flash Fans Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary Of Grant Gustin's Arrowverse Debut (Screen Rant)
04-12-23 (17:34)   10 Years Ago, the Arrowverse Truly Began With Grant Gustin's Debut as Barry Allen (TVLine)
04-12-23 (16:25)   All 6 New Layers of DC Reality Flash's Powers Just Unlocked - Everything We Know So Far (Screen Rant)
02-12-23 (15:11)   Flash's New Reality-Altering Powers Officially Make Him More Powerful Than Superman (Screen Rant)
30-11-23 (21:34)   Zack Snyder Feels Baffled by Backlash Against Amber Heard, Praises Ezra Miller in 'The Flash' (AceShowbiz.com)
30-11-23 (18:42)   Flash's New Weakness Isn't Just Deadly - It Proves He'll Never Be Happy (Screen Rant)
30-11-23 (03:45)   Jesse L. Martin's The Irrational Renewed At NBC, And The Creator Already Told Us What To Expect From Final Episodes Of Season 1 (Cinemabled)
29-11-23 (20:46)   Zack Snyder Talks Aquaman 2's Amber Heard And The Flash's Ezra Miller (Game Rant)
29-11-23 (18:11)   Zack Snyder Responds To Ezra Miller's Performance In The Flash Movie, 9 Years After Casting Them (Screen Rant)
29-11-23 (16:42)   'The Flash' Ending Explained - Does Barry Allen Fix the Multiverses? (Collider)
28-11-23 (19:49)   Reyka Season 2, Starring The Flash's Kim Engelbrecht, Sets U.S. Release Date (TVLine)
27-11-23 (23:59)   Nicholas Cage Elaborates On Criticism About His Superman Cameo In The Flash, And I Can See Where He's Coming From (Cinemabled)
26-11-23 (05:13)   'The Flash's George Clooney Batman Cameo, Explained (Collider)
25-11-23 (18:13)   10 Best Actors Who Played The Flash, Ranked (Collider)
25-11-23 (14:42)   Flash Cosplay Demonstrates How His Maximum Speed Should Actually Look (Screen Rant)
23-11-23 (20:42)   10 Biggest Flash Failures in DC Comics History (Screen Rant)
21-11-23 (16:36)   The Flash: Superman's Cameo Surprised Nicolas Cage - But He Loved One Thing (Looper)
20-11-23 (18:56)   The Golden Age Flash Improves One of Captain America's Best Moves (Screen Rant)
18-11-23 (19:42)   Music Meister Is Flash's Worst Nightmare, as Brave and the Bold Villain Gets Major Upgrade (Screen Rant)
17-11-23 (23:56)   Flash Beyond: DC's Future Flash Unlocks the Final Speed Power Barry & Wally Couldn't (Screen Rant)
15-11-23 (22:25)   SPEED FORCE #1 Is Pure Superhero Joy - & The Companion Book FLASH Needs (Review) (Screen Rant)
13-11-23 (15:56)   Flash's Sidekick Reveals the MAJOR Downside to His Powers (Screen Rant)
12-11-23 (16:56)   10 Best Flash Love Interests in DC History (Screen Rant)
10-11-23 (23:25)   Barry Allen's Flash Just Justified Why He's Still a Major Hero (Even Though Wally's Faster) (Screen Rant)
08-11-23 (23:42)   "It Rebuilds Itself Like Rot in Reverse": Flash Just Introduced DC's Grossest Healing Factor Ever (Screen Rant)
07-11-23 (21:56)   Grant Gustin's The Flash & Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern Join Forces In New DC Fan Art Following Viral Crossover (Screen Rant)
06-11-23 (19:11)   [SPOILER] Just Proved They're a Flash-Level Speedster (Screen Rant)
06-11-23 (03:15)   Neat The Witcher 3 Bug Turns Geralt of Rivia Into The Flash (Game Rant)
05-11-23 (21:42)   Flash Fanart Reimagines His Speed in a Creative Way DC Needs to See (Screen Rant)
04-11-23 (17:42)   The Flash: The Best & Worst Part Of Each Season (Screen Rant)
04-11-23 (17:34)   Nicolas Cage Responds to Tim Burton's Criticisms Over His Superman Cameo in 'The Flash' (AceShowbiz.com)
04-11-23 (14:29)   Nicolas Cage Makes Shocking Admission About The Flash Superman Scene (Game Rant)
03-11-23 (23:38)   Nicolas Cage Was on 'The Flash' Set for Three Hours for CGI Scene: 'I Don't Know What Happened There' (IndieWire)
03-11-23 (18:59)   Grant Gustin's Next Post-The Flash Project Was His 'Original Dream As A Kid,' And I'm So Excited For Him (Cinemabled)
03-11-23 (16:13)   Grant Gustin to Warble in Water for Elephants (Vulture)
03-11-23 (15:09)   Nicolas Cage Says AI Is Nightmare And His Cameo in 'The Flash' Deceptive (Slashdot)
03-11-23 (15:03)   'The Flash's Grant Gustin To Make Broadway Debut In 'Water For Elephants' Musical (Deadline.com)
02-11-23 (18:03)   Nicolas Cage on 'The Flash' Cameo: 'I Did Not Do That' (Newsmax)
02-11-23 (17:44)   Nicolas Cage says his cameo in 'The Flash' was changed without his knowledge (NME.COM)
02-11-23 (17:28)   Nicolas Cage Calls His 'The Flash' Cameo a "Nightmare" (Collider)
02-11-23 (14:45)   Ryan Reynolds Referenced The Flash In Fun Ad With Grant Gustin, But I Really Dig The Green Lantern Nod (Cinemabled)
02-11-23 (03:34)   Grant Gustin, Ryan Reynolds Nod at Their DC Hero Pasts in TV Spot (TVLine)
02-11-23 (02:10)   Nicolas Cage Calls AI 'Inhumane' and a 'Nightmare,' Says CGI Changed His Superman 'Flash' Cameo: Spider Fight 'Was Not What I Did' on Set (Variety)
02-11-23 (01:14)   Nicolas Cage Expresses Concerns About AI, Disavows 'The Flash' Cameo (TheWrap.com)
02-11-23 (01:03)   Nicolas Cage Says His Superman Cameo In 'The Flash' Was Different Than What He Filmed: "I Did Not Do That" (Deadline.com)
02-11-23 (00:22)   Nicolas Cage says his cameo in The Flash looked nothing like what he filmed (JoBlo.com)
01-11-23 (23:33)   Nicolas Cage: "AI Is a Nightmare," 'The Flash' Cameo "Not What I Did" (Hollywood Reporter)
01-11-23 (20:22)   You'll Always Be My Barry: Ryan Reynolds & Grant Gustin's MNTN Commercial Explained (Looper)
01-11-23 (15:25)   "You'll Always Be My Barry": Ryan Reynolds Recruits Grant Gustin For New Ad With Multiple The Flash References (Screen Rant)
01-11-23 (01:56)   Flash's New Power Is the Opposite of Speed - & Way More Powerful (Screen Rant)
31-10-23 (15:42)   The Flash Show & Movie's Identical Story Cut Created Two Different Problems (Screen Rant)
30-10-23 (15:25)   Green Lantern Names the 1 Situation Where He's Faster Than the Flash (Screen Rant)
30-10-23 (14:25)   Aquaman 2's Behind The Scenes Controversy Repeats The Flash's Biggest Problem (Screen Rant)
29-10-23 (17:56)   Flash Finally Found a Way to Beat Reverse-Flash's Speed (Screen Rant)
29-10-23 (15:56)   DCU The Flash Art Imagines Perfect Casting For James Gunn's New Barry Allen (Screen Rant)
29-10-23 (14:11)   10 Superpowers The Flash Never Used In All 9 Seasons Of The Arrowverse Show (Screen Rant)
27-10-23 (23:25)   Flash Reveals He Can Only Access His Full Power Under 1 Rare Condition (Screen Rant)
27-10-23 (00:25)   1 Resurrected DC Hero Wishes He Could Have Stayed Dead (Screen Rant)
26-10-23 (18:17)   'Re: Uniting': First-Look Clip From Jesse L. Martin-Starrer Ahead Of Austin Film Fest Premiere - Watch (Deadline.com)
23-10-23 (21:34)   Matthew Vaughn Defends 'The Flash', Urges Marvel to Focus on Quality Over Quantity (AceShowbiz.com)
23-10-23 (19:56)   "You Can Be the Windshield": The Flash Reveals His Best Secret Weapon (Screen Rant)
21-10-23 (19:11)   The Flash Super Suit & Powers Look Way Better In New Concept Art (Screen Rant)
21-10-23 (19:11)   Flash Reveals the 1 Way to Instantly Corrupt Any DC Reality (Screen Rant)
21-10-23 (16:05)   Why Grant Gustin Didn't Play The Flash In Zack Snyder's Justice League (Looper)
21-10-23 (14:42)   Marvel Fans Have Strong Opinions About Grant Gustin Spider-Man Fan-Casting (Screen Rant)
21-10-23 (10:46)   Best Body Swap Stories In DC (Game Rant)
20-10-23 (23:11)   Jay Garrick: The Flash #1 Is the Loving Reinvention DC's Original Speedster Deserves (Review) (Screen Rant)
20-10-23 (15:25)   The Flash: Every Character Confirmed So Far (Screen Rant)
19-10-23 (03:13)   10 Best 'The Flash' Villains, Ranked (Collider)
19-10-23 (00:11)   Wally West's Flash Already Proved He's Great at Time Travel (It's Barry Who Screws Things Up) (Screen Rant)
18-10-23 (23:11)   All The Flash Seasons, Ranked Worst To Best (Screen Rant)
18-10-23 (08:46)   The Flash: All Seasons, Ranked (Game Rant)
17-10-23 (19:42)   "Millions of Years Go By in an Instant": Marvel's Answer to Flash Just Unleashed Their Ultimate Superpower (Screen Rant)
16-10-23 (16:11)   Flash Names the One Alternate Reality More Terrifying Than Flashpoint (Screen Rant)
14-10-23 (19:25)   The Flash Accidentally Fixed His Greatest Enemy's Biggest Weakness (Screen Rant)
14-10-23 (16:25)   Recasting The Flash For The DCU After Ezra Miller's Exit (Screen Rant)
14-10-23 (15:25)   10 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching The Flash After Its Impressive 9-Season Run (Screen Rant)
14-10-23 (14:25)   10 DCU Theories The Flash Makes Impossible (Screen Rant)
13-10-23 (23:56)   Flash Confirms 1 Speedster & 1 Iconic Villain Are Both Getting New Powers (Screen Rant)
12-10-23 (00:42)   Flash's New Enemy THE UNCOILED Exposes the Dark Truth of the Speed Force (Screen Rant)
11-10-23 (16:42)   The Irrational Director On Jesse L. Martin's Duality As Alec Mercer (Screen Rant)
11-10-23 (02:11)   Wally West's Flash Explains the Big Difference Between DC's Second-Generation Heroes & the Originals (Screen Rant)
10-10-23 (23:28)   Fan Art Reimagined Grant Gustin If He Was Blonde Like The Comics Flash, And Honestly, I Don't Hate It (Cinemabled)
10-10-23 (17:36)   The Flash's Max Numbers Spell Disaster For Ezra Miller's DC Hero (Looper)
10-10-23 (05:45)   After The Irrational's Emotional Reveals For Alec, Episode Director Shares Secret Behind Jesse L. Martin's 'Rock Star Vibe' (Cinemabled)
10-10-23 (04:22)   Riverdale's KJ Apa Replaces Ezra Miller As The Flash In DC Concept Design (Looper)
09-10-23 (17:36)   Grant Gustin Gets A New Flash Suit For James Gunn's DCU In Cool Concept Design (Looper)
08-10-23 (04:42)   DC Settles the Fastest Flash with an Insulting Burn on [SPOILER] (Screen Rant)
07-10-23 (20:42)   'The Flash' Hot Toys Figure Sees Young Barry Allen Run Through Time (Collider)
07-10-23 (15:45)   Ahead Of The Irrational's Biggest Crisis Yet, Director Shares How Jesse L. Martin Is 'Nothing Even Remotely' Like Other TV Leads (Cinemabled)
06-10-23 (23:25)   "Bigger Than the Biggest Thing That Matters on Earth": Flash Just Officially Replaced Superman as DC's Most Important Hero (Screen Rant)
06-10-23 (18:56)   Grant Gustin's The Flash Gets A Comic-Accurate Makeover In Arrowverse Fan Art (Screen Rant)
06-10-23 (08:14)   Months After The Flash Finale, Former Arrowverse Director Reflects On The CW's Superhero Universe: 'It Was Its Own Bubble' (Cinemabled)
05-10-23 (18:42)   The Flash Side-by-Side Video Of Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Shows Wildly Different Suit-Up VFX (Screen Rant)
04-10-23 (22:56)   Flash Just Lost Access to His Most Overpowered Ability (& That's a Good Thing) (Screen Rant)
03-10-23 (18:29)   Who are the Stillness? Meet the strange new race menacing the Flash (GamesRadar)
03-10-23 (17:42)   "The Stillness": Flash Lore Expands with the First Look at His Perfect Alien Threat (Screen Rant)
03-10-23 (17:36)   The Flash's Grant Gustin Recreates The Arrowverse Gravestone Meme & It's Incredible (Looper)
03-10-23 (14:42)   Flash Races A-Train in The Boys/DC Crossover Cosplay (Screen Rant)
03-10-23 (05:14)   The Irrational Director Breaks Down Alec's Life-Or-Death Sequence In Episode 2 (And What Jesse L. Martin Couldn't Do) (Cinemabled)
02-10-23 (20:56)   The Flash: 10 Worst Things Eobard Thawne's Reverse-Flash Ever Did to Barry Allen (Screen Rant)
01-10-23 (21:56)   Grant Gustin Gets The Perfect Easter Egg In Emotional The Flash Movie Ending Edit (Screen Rant)
30-09-23 (14:56)   Red Death Cosplay Unleashes the Darkest Version of the Flash (Screen Rant)
30-09-23 (14:05)   DC Comics Just 'Cast' Chris Evans As The Flash & Twitter Is Running Wild (Looper)
29-09-23 (23:42)   "A Faster Flash": New Speedster the Indigo Streak Challenges Flash's Fastest Man Alive Title (Screen Rant)
29-09-23 (19:57)   How to find the Flash Drive in Under the Surphaze in Payday 3 (PC Invasion)
29-09-23 (18:25)   Stephen Amell's Reaction To Grant Gustin Next To Oliver Queen's Grave Meme Is Even Harsher Now (Screen Rant)
27-09-23 (16:56)   FLASH #1 Is a Mind-Bending Reinvention of the Fastest Man Alive (Review) (Screen Rant)
27-09-23 (15:42)   The Flash Side-by-Side Video Of Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Proves A Superhero Costume Trend Needs To End (Screen Rant)
26-09-23 (22:15)   DCU's Flash Should Be Wally West Instead Of Barry Allen (Game Rant)
26-09-23 (20:25)   Grant Gustin Perfectly Recreates The Flash Next To Oliver Queen's Grave Meme In New Photo (Screen Rant)
26-09-23 (16:42)   Aquaman 2's Darkest Death Theory Makes The Flash's End Credits Even Worse (Screen Rant)
26-09-23 (05:14)   Law And Order's Jesse L. Martin Returned To Procedural Roots With The Irrational Series Premiere, And One Specific Line Won Me Over (Cinemabled)
26-09-23 (05:03)   The Irrational Premiere Recap: Jesse L. Martin Is TV's Latest Odd-Sleuth-With-a-Past — Grade It! (TVLine)
26-09-23 (05:02)   'The Irrational': Are Your Instincts Telling You to Keep Watching Jesse L. Martin's New Drama? (POLL) (TV Insider)
25-09-23 (21:56)   "It Hurts": Flash's Speed Force Just Became Far More Dangerous (Screen Rant)
25-09-23 (19:47)   'The Irrational' Review: Jesse L. Martin Brings Magnetism to Humdrum NBC Crime Series (Hollywood Reporter)
25-09-23 (18:14)   'The Irrational' Review: Jesse L. Martin Captivates in NBC's Latest Run-of-the-Mill Procedural (TheWrap.com)
25-09-23 (15:02)   Roush Review: Jesse L. Martin Solves 'Irrational' Crimes in a Rare Scripted Fall Original (TV Insider)
25-09-23 (13:02)   Reba Joins 'The Voice,' Jesse L. Martin in 'Irrational,' 'Futurama' Finale, 'NCIS Day' on CBS (TV Insider)
24-09-23 (03:15)   Batman: Is Andy Muschietti Directing The Brave and The Bold A Premature Decision? (Game Rant)
24-09-23 (03:14)   The Flash Star Grant Gustin Once Rocked The Superman Curl, And Don't Go Giving James Gunn Ideas (Cinemabled)
23-09-23 (19:11)   The Flash Cutting The Joker Avoided A Years-Long DC Movie Criticism (Screen Rant)
22-09-23 (23:42)   Marvel's Version of the Flash Unveils Her Full Power by Beating a Hulk-Level Threat (Screen Rant)
22-09-23 (21:14)   Law And Order's Jesse L. Martin Is Returning To NBC This Season, But What Do Critics And Fans Think Of His New Show The Irrational? (Cinemabled)
22-09-23 (20:13)   10 Best 'The Flash' Episodes, According to IMDb (Collider)
22-09-23 (20:11)   "Worst VFX In Any Superhero Movie In A Long Time": The Flash CGI Broken Down By Real VFX Artists Reveals Terrible Moments You Missed (Screen Rant)
22-09-23 (17:28)   'The Irrational' Sneak Peek — Jesse L. Martin Teaches a Sneaky Party Trick (Collider)
22-09-23 (16:12)   The Flash #1 is a fresh start for DC's speedster - and the cosmic horror comic you didn't see coming (GamesRadar)
22-09-23 (00:42)   The New DC Universe Can Finally Fix The DCEU's Big The Flash Villain Problem (Screen Rant)
21-09-23 (01:00)   Makes total sense: Jesse L. Martin in new NBC series 'The Irrational' (New York Post)
21-09-23 (00:42)   DC's Ultimate Time Traveler Admits Flash Could Be His Equal With 1 Change (Screen Rant)
20-09-23 (22:42)   Why Wally West Left The Flash After Season 4 (Screen Rant)
20-09-23 (21:05)   Seeing The Flash Left Batgirl Directors Feeling Disappointed: 'We Were Sad' (Looper)
20-09-23 (18:56)   10 Moments In The Flash That Grant Gustin's Arrowverse Hero Did Better (Screen Rant)
20-09-23 (16:03)   The Irrational Review: Jesse L. Martin Plays Mind Games in NBC's Stubbornly Mediocre Procedural (TVLine)
20-09-23 (03:49)   Tim Burton Not a Fan of Nicolas Cage's Superman in 'The Flash' (AceShowbiz.com)
20-09-23 (03:25)   Flash vs A-Train: Who's Faster in DC and The Boys Lore (& Why) (Screen Rant)
19-09-23 (19:46)   The DC Charactes Who Have Appeared In The Most Games (Game Rant)
19-09-23 (16:44)   Tim Burton Is in a 'Quiet Revolt' Over a Cameo in The Flash (Vulture)
19-09-23 (08:27)   Tim Burton unhappy with Nicolas Cage Superman cameo in 'The Flash': "I'm in quiet revolt" (NME.COM)
19-09-23 (03:45)   NBC's Law And Order Shows Won't Return With New Episodes This Fall, But Jesse L. Martin's The Irrational Could Be A Great Substitute (Cinemabled)
18-09-23 (23:29)   Tim Burton On Michael Keaton Batman Nicolas Cage Superman In The Flash (Game Rant)
18-09-23 (18:45)   A Surprise Summer Blockbuster Has Bested Indiana Jones, The Flash And More At The Box Office (Cinemabled)
18-09-23 (17:14)   The Flash Director Celebrates Batman Day With BTS Images Of His Trio Of Bruce Waynes (Cinemabled)
18-09-23 (17:13)   Tim Burton Hated Nicolas Cage's Superman Cameo in 'The Flash' (Collider)
18-09-23 (16:42)   Marvel Admits Quicksilver's Biggest Weakness (Why He'll Never Outrun Flash) (Screen Rant)
18-09-23 (16:11)   The Flash's 3 Batman Actors Celebrated In Unseen BTS Images (Screen Rant)
18-09-23 (14:28)   Tim Burton Has Reacted To The Nicolas Cage Superman Cameo In The Flash, And He Is Not Happy About It (Cinemabled)
18-09-23 (01:10)   Tim Burton Slams Nicolas Cage Superman Cameo in 'The Flash' Referencing Director's Axed Film: 'I'm in Quiet Revolt Against All This' (Variety)
17-09-23 (23:47)   Tim Burton Isn't Happy About How The Flash Used Batman And Superman (SlashFilm)
17-09-23 (17:25)   The Flash's Batman Cameos Were Done Better By A DC Children's Cartoon (Screen Rant)
17-09-23 (02:11)   The Flash's 10 Most Impressive Displays Of Power In The Arrowverse (Screen Rant)
16-09-23 (20:56)   Aquaman 2 Update Makes The Flash's Post-Credits Scene Even Worse (Screen Rant)
15-09-23 (23:23)   Tim Burton Doesn't Seem Happy His Superman and Batman Appeared in The Flash (Gizmodo)
15-09-23 (18:42)   "I'm In Quiet Revolt": Tim Burton Breaks Silence On The Flash Using His Batman & Superman (Screen Rant)
15-09-23 (17:22)   Tim Burton on whether he'll direct on Wednesday season 2 and his response to The Flash Superman cameo (JoBlo.com)
14-09-23 (19:56)   Flash Officially Became "The Fastest Man Alive" Thanks to 1 God-Tier Feat (Screen Rant)
13-09-23 (22:56)   Grant Gustin Vs. Ezra Miller: Which Version Of The Flash Is More Powerful (Screen Rant)
13-09-23 (05:17)   'Batgirl' Directors On Feeling "Sad" Watching 'The Flash' & Why Axing Of DC Film Is "The Biggest Disappointment Of Our Careers" (Deadline.com)
12-09-23 (18:42)   Batgirl Directors Refect On DC Movie Cancellation, Open Up About Keaton's Batman In The Flash (Screen Rant)
12-09-23 (17:20)   Directors of Cancelled Batgirl Were 'Sad' After Seeing The Flash Movie, Still Feel There Is 'Unfinished Business' (TVLine)
12-09-23 (17:14)   Batgirl Movie Directors Explains Why Watching The Flash Made Them 'Sad' And I Had The Same Thought (Cinemabled)
12-09-23 (15:29)   Batgirl Directors Felt 'Sad' Watching The Flash After Their DC Movie Got Axed (IGN.com)
12-09-23 (10:58)   Directors of axed 'Batgirl' film say watching 'The Flash' made them "sad" (NME.COM)
12-09-23 (02:08)   Batgirl directors say watching The Flash was a sad experience after their movie was axed (JoBlo.com)
12-09-23 (00:41)   'Batgirl' Directors Watched 'The Flash' and 'Were Sad' They Got Booted From DC Before Audiences Could Judge; Axed Film Was 'More Like Tim Burton's Gotham' (Variety)
11-09-23 (22:56)   Flash Has a Genius Reason for Wearing an All-Red Costume (Screen Rant)
11-09-23 (20:32)   Martin Ellis Dies: 2nd Assistant Director On 'A Dog's Journey', 'The Flash' Was 44 (Deadline.com)
10-09-23 (16:40)   Batman 1989's Iconic Music is Going on Tour (Gizmodo)
10-09-23 (00:42)   The Flash vs. The Flash: 12 Biggest Differences Between Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller's Barry Allens (Screen Rant)
09-09-23 (23:42)   Michael Keaton's Perfect Batman Return Was Secretly Pitched 4 Years Ago (Screen Rant)
09-09-23 (14:29)   The Flash Movie's Max Streaming Debut Falls Behind Black Adam (Game Rant)
08-09-23 (23:11)   How Batman Stole Flash's Speed Powers to Become the Red Death (Screen Rant)
08-09-23 (23:11)   Creepy Supergirl Deleted Scene Actually Improves The Flash's Ending (Screen Rant)
08-09-23 (23:00)   The Flash Might Be Dealt Another Defeat At The Hands of Taylor Swift (Game Rant)
08-09-23 (01:05)   The Flash: How Many Episodes Are There In Total? (Looper)
07-09-23 (23:56)   Flash's Place in DC Lore Changes Forever with Newest Legacy Hero (Screen Rant)
07-09-23 (23:28)   A Side-By-Side Video Of Grant Gustin And Ezra Miller Just Started Another Marvel Versus DC Debate, And I Can't Help Rooting For An MCU Hero Here (Cinemabled)
07-09-23 (19:56)   Did Marvel Plan To Follow-Up The Flash's George Clooney Joke... With George Clooney? (Screen Rant)
06-09-23 (22:15)   The Flash: DC Doesn't Get Barry Allen's Humor (Game Rant)
06-09-23 (15:42)   The Flash's Box Office Failure Means You'll Never Watch Michael Keaton's Oscar-Winning 2014 Comeback Movie The Same Way (Screen Rant)
06-09-23 (14:42)   The Flash Side-by-Side Video Of Grant Gustin & Ezra Miller Running Proves Marvel Does Speedsters Better (Screen Rant)
04-09-23 (20:25)   Flash Lore Changes Forever as His Long-Lost Daughter Officially Returns (Screen Rant)
04-09-23 (20:25)   Can A Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider Cameo In Avengers 6 Learn From The Flash's Superman? (Screen Rant)
04-09-23 (20:25)   "Polar Express Superman": VFX Artists Explain How To Fix The Flash's Controversial Cameos (Screen Rant)
04-09-23 (15:59)   A TikTok User Edited Robert Pattinson Into The Flash, And I'm Really Kind Of Digging It (Cinemabled)
04-09-23 (15:11)   The Flash Ending Explained: The Complex DCU Timeline & That Multiverse Cameo Broken Down (Screen Rant)
03-09-23 (15:29)   Robert Pattinson's Batman Meets Grant Gustin's The Flash In Fan Clip (Game Rant)
02-09-23 (18:56)   Robert Pattinson's Batman Hilariously Replaces George Clooney In The Flash Ending Video (Screen Rant)
02-09-23 (03:30)   'The Flash' 4K Ultra HD movie review (Washington Times)
01-09-23 (23:42)   Flash's Rogues Get New Costumes in Fanart Redesign DC Needs to See (Screen Rant)
01-09-23 (22:56)   The Flash Numbers Are In: It's Still A Flop On Streaming (Screen Rant)
01-09-23 (15:11)   Every The Flash Movie Cameo: DC Superheroes, Villains & Those Bizarre Multiverse Characters (Screen Rant)
01-09-23 (02:11)   Flash's New Villains Put a Sick Twist on the Entire Flash-Family (Screen Rant)
31-08-23 (14:00)   The Flash Debuts On Max With Fewer Viewers Than Black Adam (IGN.com)
31-08-23 (00:11)   Where Was The Flash Movie Filmed? All Locations Revealed (Screen Rant)
30-08-23 (21:42)   Dark Flash's Practical Suit Revealed, BTS Version Looks Better Than In The Flash Movie (Screen Rant)
30-08-23 (17:56)   Flash Just Became DC's Most Exciting New Series of 2023 in 1 Sentence (Screen Rant)
30-08-23 (17:14)   It's Bad News For The Flash In Its First Week Streaming, And I'm Sad For Michael Keaton's Batman (Cinemabled)
30-08-23 (16:16)   'The Irrational': Why Jesse L. Martin's Return to NBC Is More Than a Whodunit (TV Insider)
30-08-23 (16:04)   The Best New Blu-Ray Releases: The Flash, Asteroid City, And More (SlashFilm)
30-08-23 (15:11)   Ben Affleck's Role In The Flash Movie Explained (Screen Rant)
30-08-23 (01:08)   The Flash sees 1.1 million US households tuning in for debut weekend on Max (JoBlo.com)
29-08-23 (23:46)   'The Flash' Sees 1.1M Households In Weekend Debut On Max, Down From 'Black Adam' (Deadline.com)
29-08-23 (23:29)   The Flash Series Finale Deleted Scene Pulls At The Heartstrings (Game Rant)
29-08-23 (22:25)   Who Plays Young Barry Allen In The Flash Movie? (Screen Rant)
29-08-23 (22:05)   The Flash Crosses The Global Box Office's Finish Line - So, Is It Really A Flop? (Looper)
29-08-23 (18:56)   1 Flash Rogue Gets a Creepy Upgrade that Literally Unspools Wally's Life (Screen Rant)
29-08-23 (16:14)   The Flash Alternate Ending Revealed, Would Have Set Up The New DCU (IGN.com)
29-08-23 (15:56)   The Flash's Eric Stoltz Back To The Future Joke Explained (Screen Rant)
29-08-23 (15:56)   Why Nicolas Cage Is Superman In The Flash Movie (Screen Rant)
29-08-23 (09:20)   Jesse L. Martin Returns to Solving Murders in Trailer for New NBC Procedural 'The Irrational' (AceShowbiz.com)
29-08-23 (01:46)   The Flash Complete Series Blu-Ray Finally Being Released Soon (Game Rant)
28-08-23 (22:59)   'The Irrational' Trailer: Jesse L. Martin Turns to Science to Solve Murders (Collider)
28-08-23 (21:16)   'The Irrational' Trailer: Jesse L. Martin Is Back on NBC Solving Crimes (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
28-08-23 (20:49)   The Irrational Trailer: Jesse L. Martin Puts Fresh Spin on Law and Order in New NBC Procedural — Watch (TVLine)
28-08-23 (18:25)   All 10 Changes The Flash Makes To Keaton's Batman (Screen Rant)
28-08-23 (17:25)   Avengers 6 Can Actually Deliver On The Flash's Failed DC Promise (Screen Rant)
28-08-23 (17:25)   Barry & Iris Prove Their Love Is Still Strong In The Flash Season 9 Deleted Scene (Screen Rant)
28-08-23 (14:25)   Grant Gustin Demolishes Ezra Miller's Barry Allen In The Flash Video Edit (Screen Rant)
28-08-23 (03:59)   The Strange History Behind Nicolas Cage's Cameo in 'The Flash' (Collider)
28-08-23 (00:42)   The Flash's Cameos Made Two High Profile Absences Way Worse (Screen Rant)
27-08-23 (20:42)   10 Small The Flash Changes That Would Have Improved DC's Historic Box Office Bomb (Screen Rant)
27-08-23 (19:56)   12 Best The Flash Movie Quotes (Screen Rant)
27-08-23 (18:51)   Indiana Jones 5 Vs. The Flash: Which Movie Is The Bigger Box Office Bomb? (Looper)
27-08-23 (00:11)   5 Theories About Who Killed Barry's Mom In The Flash Movie (Screen Rant)
27-08-23 (00:11)   Who Punched Barry Out Of The Speed Force In The Flash Movie (Screen Rant)
26-08-23 (23:11)   8 DCEU Rumors The Flash Totally Debunked (Screen Rant)
26-08-23 (21:03)   The Flash's #WestAllen Have One Last Cute Quarrel in Deleted Final Season Scene (DVD Exclusive) (TVLine)
26-08-23 (20:06)   The Multiverse Is Everywhere, And That's Not A Bad Thing (DualShockers)
26-08-23 (18:56)   Every Canceled DC Movie The Flash Was Supposed To Set Up (Screen Rant)
26-08-23 (18:56)   Blue Beetle's 61% Second-Weekend Drop Is Better Than Shazam 2 & The Flash, Box Office Is Still Not Great (Screen Rant)
26-08-23 (17:25)   The Flash's Original Ending Avoided Its Biggest Batman Mistake (Screen Rant)
26-08-23 (14:42)   The Flash Redefined His Speed Forever With Just 1 Sentence (Screen Rant)
26-08-23 (00:24)   The Flash, Meg 2, Past Lives, and every new movie to watch at home this weekend (Polygon)
25-08-23 (20:42)   The Flash Post-Credits Scene Breaks A DC Movie Tradition (Screen Rant)
25-08-23 (19:40)   Could The Flash's Alternate Ending Have Changed Its Fate? (Gizmodo)
25-08-23 (19:25)   The Flash Continues DC's Worst Superman Cameo Trend (Screen Rant)
25-08-23 (17:11)   DC's Multi-Movie Plans For Michael Keaton's Batman & Why It Was All Cancelled (Screen Rant)
25-08-23 (13:42)   The Flash 2: Canceled Plans, Release Changes & Everything We Know (Screen Rant)
24-08-23 (14:25)   The Flash Bombshell Makes DC's Mistreatment Of Keaton's Batman So Much Worse (Screen Rant)
24-08-23 (01:58)   The Flash UHD Review (Home Theater Forum)
23-08-23 (23:56)   DC Fans Show Support For Grant Gustin Appearing As The Flash In The Batman 2 (Screen Rant)
23-08-23 (22:28)   The Flash's Box Office Failure Is Negatively Impacting DC Comics, But Michael Keaton Still Emerged A Big Winner In A Cool Way (Cinemabled)
22-08-23 (17:56)   The DCU's First Hero Is Exactly What The Flash Wishes Barry Allen Was (Screen Rant)
22-08-23 (10:15)   Blue Beetle Vs. The Flash: Which DC Movie Is Better? (Game Rant)
22-08-23 (00:42)   Flash vs Reverse-Flash Just Permanently Settled Who's Faster (Screen Rant)
21-08-23 (22:56)   Grant Gustin Shows Off Perfect Superman Curl In New Video (Screen Rant)
21-08-23 (22:56)   Surprising DC Movie Fact Reveals How Badly The DCEU Failed The Flash (Screen Rant)
21-08-23 (22:29)   The Flash Max Streaming Release Date Officially Announced By WB (Game Rant)
21-08-23 (21:46)   Rumor: Avengers Secret Wars Could be the MCU's The Flash (Game Rant)
21-08-23 (14:42)   Justice League Theory Retcons The Flash's Cut Villain Into Snyder's DCEU Knightmare (Screen Rant)
21-08-23 (03:42)   The DCU Already Has 3 Heroes For The Justice League's Replacement (Screen Rant)
20-08-23 (17:29)   The Flash Gets a Max Streaming Date, and It's Not Too Far Away (IGN.com)
20-08-23 (17:11)   The DCU's Confusing Timeline Accidentally Confirms The Flash's Return (Screen Rant)
20-08-23 (15:25)   The Flash Secretly Explained The Avengers' Weirdest Post-Credits Scene 11 Years Later (Screen Rant)
19-08-23 (21:23)   The Flash Finally Speeds Onto Max Next Week (Gizmodo)
19-08-23 (20:11)   Blue Beetle's Rotten Tomatoes Score Proves The Flash Didn't Kill The DCU (Screen Rant)
19-08-23 (16:13)   'The Flash' Sets Late Summer Streaming Date on Max (Collider)
18-08-23 (23:11)   Even Flash's Villains Admit He's Mastered Heroism Better Than Batman & Superman (Screen Rant)
18-08-23 (22:25)   The Flash Streaming Release Date Revealed After Losing WB $200m At Box Office (Screen Rant)
18-08-23 (21:47)   The Flash And Blue Beetle Tell A Harrowing Story About Modern Superhero Movies (SlashFilm)
18-08-23 (20:42)   'Puppy Love's Lucy Hale on Her Dog Co-Stars and Naked Grant Gustin (Collider)
18-08-23 (20:08)   The Flash eyes a premiere date for streaming on Max (JoBlo.com)
18-08-23 (18:17)   'The Flash' Movie Gets Streaming Premiere Date On Max (Deadline.com)
18-08-23 (17:43)   'The Flash' Sets Streaming Date on Max (TheWrap.com)
18-08-23 (17:24)   'The Flash' Gets Streaming Premiere Date on Max (Variety)
18-08-23 (17:20)   The Flash: How to Stream the DC Movie (TVLine)

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